WYZE Cam and WYZE Cam Outdoor infrastructure technology. Different?


I’m wondering if I can get clarification on WYZE Cam and WYZE Cam Outdoor. For weeks now, I’ve had some pretty inconsistent experiences connecting to WYZE Cam v2 cameras on the iOS app (iOS 14). Whereas the WYZE Outdoor Cam has been consistently connected. And what I mean by connected is I can select the camera feed and video is instantly playing. Whereas the WYE Cam v2 either never connects or needs a reboot or reset to connect video feed.

I have great wifi coverage in the house, I’m sure it not signal strength. MY SSID has a combined 2.4 and 5GHz bands and even when I did separate them, I had the same connecting issues on the WYZE Cam. And for WYZE Cam Outdoor, they never failed to connect to the video feeds.

My next avenue would be to set up a virtual LAN on my network to see if there is any hops from the WYZE devices themselves. Anyone else running into connectivity issues on WYZE Cam v2? It’s been a constant battle of reset/reboot for me. I don’t know if the issue stems from my LAN or WYZE servers. If anyone has any tips, I would really appreciate it.

Does it work any differently when closer to the router? Do your 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks have the same SSID? Are you using a long power cable? Have you tried switching power supplies?

I have connectivity problems but not nearly as bad as you are reporting.

So, moving closer to the AP’s do not make them any better. I just read on another post the cloud flare DNS blocks WYZE services. I had Cloudflare DNS as a secondary and I’m hoping that was the issue. I’m now 100% google DNS and I’ll see if that was the issue.

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