Wyze cam Outdoor base station not connecting to wifi

I need to move the base station to get closer to the camera. No ethernet available there. I am trying to connect to wifi and it wont connect to wifi, Multiple tries. Tried resetting the device too.

i have occ problems wth a couple cams out of 5 showing 0-2 bars. The others are 3bars. they are all 20-30 ft from station. dunno if having 5 cams on 1 sta is the cause being one too many. Seems i recall 4 was the recommended max.

If your talking about the wireless outdoor camera you can only add 4 it will not let you more,so you like the thunderstorms this morning my cameras at edom hill,whitewater and cactus got so excellent recording

Not the outdoor cameras. Its the base station connection. Instead of using wired connection. I want to switch to wireless.

It has to be first set up over a wired connection, then once set up you go into the settings and add the wifi ssid and password you want it to connect to, once set, remove ethernet cable and should connect.

Mine is already setup with wired connection. ITs working now. I want to switch to wifi. When I switch to wifi and keeps blinking never switches over.

Ill have to drop one and see the diff. It has handled 5 for months,but today Im getting for the first time 1 camera that I cant get back on .Another that doesnt send me audiblealerts and misses intemittently a human 10 ft from it and a car 20 ft from it. Ill drop one camand see if that improves anything

Interesting all of mine are working just fine

addendum to my post since i dont have edit capability this am. I have used 5 cams on one base station without difficulty since march this yr, I wonder how ?I did get it to come on last evening and it has worked fine so far. Well, EDOM hill neighbor,Isnt this heat just wonderful? Looks like we’re leaving the 117 & 120 degree days for now. Summers just starting ( chuckle) I miss santa cruz weather. I think that was the best ,oh well.

no,i missed the show. Probably asleep or napping. Oh .Of those 5 cams I said I had, 2 are outside batt cams and 3 wall outlet supplied.