Remote connection issues. Please help!

I bought the Wyze cam pan for the first time and set up went well. I can view it no problem while connecting to my wifi. However if I try to access it remotely from my cell phone (Bell network) it will not connect. ( using android Samsung S7)
I have powercycled
Cleared cache
Turned off battery saving
Reinstalled app and all the same.
What am I missing?
This camera is pointless if I can not access it remotely.

Post the issue there.

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I agree with @Plippers, let’s consolidate this all in one thread if possible. And yes, report it, then post your ticket number in the thread mentioned.


I did this but it did not show me a ticket number?

You should get an email and the ticket number will be included.

Thank you I will wait for the email, so far nothing.

If the email doesn’t show up in your inbox, take a look in your spam folder sometimes it ends up there.

Perfect. Move over to this thread and post your ticket number there.

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Anyone want to try this? Update from Wyze Team asking for volunteers.

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