Pan Remote Connectivity Issues

Hi Wyze folks,

I have tried googling/reading other postings but haven’t had luck finding a solution. I have 2 Wyze Cam Pans. Latest firmware on both. Same network.

One works perfectly on Wi-Fi or remotely through T-Mobile LTE. The other only works on Wi-Fi and very intermittently will successfully connect remotely (approximately 10% of the time). Everything is identical in the setup, I’ve checked it multiple times. Nothing fancy in my router.

Any ideas why only one Pan can’t connect remotely?

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Please see this post:

Yes, I did that as well. A message appeared to say that the restart was successful, but it still doesn’t work. I just tried it again and got the same result- success message but no connection.

You should not need to follow the temporary solution listed there as we believe the problem is fixed.

However, you may need to reboot the camera. You should be able to do this via the settings page (live stream > gear icon) in the app, even though the live stream is not working.

Hi Rick,

I’ve restarted it multiple times. The issue seems to be local to one (1) of my two (2) Pan cams. The other one did not experience any issues with remote connection.

This was just resolved within the last hour. Have you restarted since then?

I’ve remotely tried restarting - now getting a “power cycle -90” error. I will try to power cycle manually tonight and update. Meanwhile, the other Pan has no issues.

Hi Rick,

Still having the same errors - have restarted, power cycled, etc. Meanwhile the other Pan works flawlessly. Any chance I have a dud?

Yes, that’s always a possibility. If you have done all the troubleshooting steps under the Support link (top of this page), then you’ll need to submit a support ticket for possible camera replacement.

Having the same issue with 1 of my 2 cam pans.
Usually runs fine all day until I get home and hit shortcut to shutdown that unit. Sometimes it works fine but most times it will stop responding to app and throws 90 error code all the time. Have to physically un/replug in, let it go through startup process and then shut off via app. Today for example it was showing as offline. I restarted both it and my router remotely but still an issue unless I hard reset the power by unplugging. No issues like this at all with my 3 regular cam models or the other pan model. Last step is to completely remove and reinstall from app before I call this one in as defective.

Update: Did all of the above and no change, actually got worse and cam would go offline mid-day, and error out. Was about to move its location when I noticed I had installed the sd card in this one. It’s an older card that was floating around for a couple years, small 4gb but was mainly to test features. Anyway I gave it one more test without the card installed and it’s been running smoothly for days, responding to shortcuts properly, etc.

In short, remove the sd card if cams start giving error ~90 and see if that helps.

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