Constant "connecting camera" and "authenticating"

I’ve been having this “connecting camera” and “authenticating” message come up constantly the last few days. I have both a Wyze cam and the new Wyze Pan cam and both are doing this. It’s super frustrating since it happens a few times every minute. I’ve tried rebooting my router and that didn’t change anything. The top corner keeps dropping to 0KB/s and then it has this message. Anyone have this issue? Thanks for any help!


Most likely an issue relating to WiFi connectivity. Did anything change at your house (or a neighbor’s) that could affect WiFi performance?

Not that I’m aware of! Should I reset the cameras and start fresh?


I’m having the same issue with my new Pan Cam. Doesn’t seem to be a problem with my 3 other Wyzecams.

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I have this issue 9 out of 10 times with the Pan Cam. Not a WIFI issue. It works the first time after a hard reset and then ultimately always fails.

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Nicole, have you tried updating the firmware on your router? Which router (make/model) do you have?

I have been having this same issue… it will work if I do a hard reset and rescan the QR code, but when I reopen the app or try and get the video to come up it won’t work. The camera does appear to still be functioning (however the led light suggests it lost its connection to the wireless). I have tried setting up a separate 2.4ghz only ssid, and even tried using WPA (vs WPA2) and I am stumped… Any suggestions? Are there specific WiFi settings I should set such as DTIM intervals or the like? My other 6 (version 1 and 2) regular Wyze cams work great with no issues…

I am on the current version of ubiquti’s unfi firmware for my 5 mesh based access points.

You should have a strong wi-fi signal seeing how you’re using a Ubiquiti Unifi set-up. You definitely want to be on the 2.4GHz band. It’s beginning to look like this is more of a bug than a user error issue.

I’m having the same issue. Everything up to date and my laptop is on the same network w/o issues. Even when I connect via the same wifi network, I get the same issue.

Those still having issues with this should probably start a support ticket so that the developers can track and find the best way to fix this bug;


What happens when we don’t hear back from support after a full week? Can I return my CamPan for a regular Cam? My CamPan is essentially useless


I sent in a support ticket on June 26 and still have not heard back from them. I sent in a reply today and it said the same thing that they will reply within 2-5 business days. Last night I was away from my house and could not connect at all. What’s the point of having a camera if it doesn’t work all the time?

I got a cam pan the other day and have realized I cannot hook up to the camera at all when I’m not home. I’ve tried restarting numerous times and the router as well. I’m beyond frustrated. If I’m at home and hooked into WiFi it’s great but if I disconnect my WiFi it goes back to connecting. What good is it if I can’t look at it not at all.

I am having same problem. It’s giving connection failed error 90 or 27.

Whats the hack, this started happening after recent firmware update.

Anyone any pointers? or should I just return it?

I’m having the same problem after the firmware update.

I’m having the same issue after updating firmware.

I’m having the same issue after updating firmware.

I don’t even use my Wyze cameras anymore because if this connection problem.

They are unplugged since it’s impossible to ever connect to them.