All my cameras just say 'authenticating' endlessly and no longer work as of the past 24 hours

Anyone else having this issue?

I bought these cameras February 21st. I am debating just returning them, this is pretty unacceptable.

I have no wifi issues and they are in different parts of the house, so it’s 100% the cameras, probably the latest firmware update.


Have you tried resetting them and adding them back to the application? Also have you tried accessing remotely from different networks?

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Yes, all of the above.

I’m just going to return them and get some cameras that don’t suck.

Good job Wyze!



There is a thread at the link I have posted below. Are you having any of those symptoms? Where are you located? I would let Wyze look into your issue and maybe there is something happening causing this. I would send a support log in from the app. If you need help or need to know how to do that, let me know and I can post screenshots.

Remote Live Stream nearly impossible today - #394 by WyzeGwendolyn


Thanks! Posted over there, hopefully they have some better news


Don’t loose faith. :slight_smile:

They will help you out .


I was having the same issues for about a week… I was trying everything to correct it. Sigh… then I get the notice from Wyze saying “Hey everyone, it’s our bad, we’ve corrected it and it should start working better in the next 24 hours” … and it did. It was working fine the last, oh, 4 days or so and just this morning it’s happening again. How often is this happening to everyone?

…and yes, I’ve done everything Wyze recommends and everything everyone else here and out on the net recommends. None of it worked until Wyze discovered it was their issue, fixed it, and it started working again.


Some users in the recent past have stated that using a VPN app helps, but I can not verify that it will help you in your case. It could be a work around until the issue is resolved.

I’ll have to read up on VPN apps. I shouldn’t have to use one, but I appreciate the info. I know Wyze has been around awhile… how often has this sort of problem cropped up before? I mean, this last time it happened it went on for at least a week before Wyze fixed it. Today’s issue could have started last night when I updated the firmware, but I don’t think it started until later today. My Ring doorbell is completely accessible live or otherwise. I’ve literally had no problems with it.

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All my 6 cameras were working fine until an hour or so ago, and now they are stuck at “connecting and authenticating” and then errors out. When I first opened the app, for whatever reasons, i had to re-login to my wyze app. Post that, a message popped-up that there was firmware update that includes the new “bulk upgrade” feature. And then now, none of the camera’s seem to be connecting? I have already tried resetting the cameras (unplug and then plug them back in). No improvement.

Wyze Cam Support,
Any ideas what is going on here?

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Sorry to hear about this, everyone!

If you’re having trouble with connecting, please let me know if you’re using iOS or Android, the MAC address of your camera(s) that isn’t connecting, and the date, time, and time zone from when you last tried to connect in a message. I’ll send that information to the team!

Are you able to see the status light on your Wyze Cams? If so, what colors are they? Do they flash?

Hi There,

Here is what I did and now the cameras are back up and running as expected.

  1. Un-plug the power to each camera
  2. Re-started my WI-FI routers (Just in case)
  3. Plugged in the power to each camera
  4. Re-joined the cameras to my wi-fi network

After doing the above, I am now able to connect to them without any issues. Thanks again for the quick response. Much appreciate it!



So I too have been having this issue, I find it SUPER annoying but only recently have I had this issue. I have been a wyze user for over a year and only have had this happen recently. I have had no help from anyone on the Wyze Team but I did notice that after changing from HD to 360p I have access to my cameras, not what I paid for, but at the moment it at least lets me see my pups at home. Still doesn’t resolve the issue at hand but it’s a work around that helped me!

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I can appreciate the ‘figure out a way’ approach friend.

I got my cameras February 21, so they’re still in the refund window. Pretty sure they’re going back.

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All day today eastern time zone.

Can’t get the mac address because they won’t connect…

I’m having the same issue. The camera either doesn’t connect, or if it does the Kb/s quickly drops to 0. My other Wyze Cam seems to work fine. I’ve tried all the usual trouble shooting measures. Power cycle, reboot network, remove other cam, etc. etc. I’m on iOS, PST 4:15pm.


All my devices, ranging from V1 to V2 to my Pan Devices no longer work over LTE, I have tried on several IOS devices but nothing is working, my work around in setting the quality lower no longer resolves the issue…

Ok, checked into VPN. VPN didn’t do anything to make it better… because it still has to go through the Wyze servers. On my internal network everything’s fine. I have a constant 10mbps of upload speed that jumps as high as 20mbps. The only thing the Wyze camera has to share with is the Ring Doorbell while we’re not at home. So not an issue of bandwidth.