Help Needed for Troubleshooting Connectivity Issue

Hi folks,
I’m going to ask for your help again. If you’re consistently having one of the following connectivity issues,

  1. stuck at 1/3, getting error code 90 or -90,
  2. bit rate dropped to 0 kb/s
  3. only able to view the live feed on the local network (not remotely)
  4. have to power cycle daily to keep connected

and you’re willing to work with us to get it resolved, please let me know. The troubleshooting may take up to 10 to 30 mins including pulling app and firmware logs, downloading test app, flashing test firmware.

Connectivity issue is difficult to fix and can be affected by many factors so we need detailed logs to identify the problem. Current official apps and firmware only contain skeleton logs for connectivity issue.

If you’re having one of those four issues above, please send me an app log.

How to collect App log:

(you can take app log after failure, no-connect, hang, or crash)

  1. Go to My Account->Help & Feedback->Feedback

  2. Fill in brief information like an email’s subject and body. Phone contact info is optional but preferred

  3. At the bottom of the form, there is an option to include log. It is default to be on and please leave it on

  4. When you click ‘submit’, your email handler will pop up to send the log files to


Thought I would mention I suddenly started experiencing the first two issues on one of my Cam v2s and thought a recent firmware update or hardware failure was the cause. Long story short it was my neighbor who had just set up a misconfigured mesh network that was essentially jamming the 2.4GHz spectrum.

Wyze support had me run the test app and that’s what pointed to poor signal quality even though the signal strength was high. Just a shout out to Wyze Support for pointing me in the right direction when I was convinced the problem had to be with the camera :slight_smile:


I just set my Wyze CamPan up at our cottage this afternoon.
Everything worked well while I was there, but when I got home I now get the -90 error and am asked to power cycle the camera which is currently impossible since I’m not there.

So I guess I have the connectivity issue 1:

I have checked with Spectrum and there is Wifi signal from the modem/router combo.
However, when I check the Settings in the app under Device Info it shows under Wi-Fi signal strength: Not connected
I updated the firmware as requested when installing the camera and am on
I would attach a log, but cannot figure out how to get to “My Account->Help&Feedback->Feedback” to fill out the form. Is this in the app somewhere, or in the Account – Wyze site?

The camera worked great when I was on-site testing it, but I need it to be accessible remotely to be able to check on the cottage when we’re not there.

Just out of curiosity, while in the camera settings page of the app, have you tried the reset device button towards the bottom of that page?

Yes, I found that and have tried it with no help. When I try and access the camera it starts to initialize and then errors while in Step 1 or in the transition from Step 1 to Step 2.
The very first time it tried to access the camera twice, but every subsequent time it errors as soon as it tries to access the camera the first time.
I’ve got the day off so I’m planning on traveling back to the cottage this morning (80 mile round trip) to try and get it re-installed but would like to know that it will work once I get it up and running again.

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After you get back to your cottage, and if you are successful in re-connecting to it with your phone on the WiFi there, switch your phone to your cell provider’s network and try connecting again. If you can’t connect that way, then that will take additional troubleshooting with your network router – possibly a config issue.

BTW, for people who have cameras at remote location, it is my personal recommendation to have a smart plug on the power outlet the camera is connected to. It came in handy when I was on vacation, and I was 3500 miles away.


Thanks for the info. I tried installing the app on my wife’s iPhone this morning (my phone is Android) and the results are similar, but a little different. On the iPhone it gets stuck on step 1 of 3, tries to connect 10 times and then error out with the 90 error instead of -90. Trying to restart camera from the settings button doesn’t change the outcome.
I printed out the Connectivity Issues article from the Wyze website so I should be able to narrow it down a bit based on the LED colors.
Thanks for the suggestions.

For those of us that haven’t move to smart plugs, a timer set to a minimum off, then on time in the middle of the night might help. I do this for a wifi router that frequently needs resetting.


I’m getting a bit off topic here, but below is a solution that I use for auto resetting of my modem/router. Works like a charm…


I didn’t get as fancy as Rick, but my weapon of choice was this. I especially like the fact that after power gets restored after an outage, it powers up my modem first, and then a couple of minutes later it powers up the router.


Well, I am at the cottage (good excuse to get up here today) and am still having issues. When I arrived the camera was blinking blue. It worked well when on the network, but when I switched my phone off of wifi it was still giving me the -90 connection error.
I followed the Connectivity Issues article checklist and still haven’t resolved the problem.
Things I’ve tried so far that all result in the same error:

  1. Deleting Device and re-intstalling the camera
  2. Power Cycling the camera without removing and reinstalling it
  3. Moving the camera to a different outlet (this resulted in less lag in the video, but still is blinking blue and won’t connect when on cellular signal on the phone)
    4)Deleting and re-installing the camera after it was moved.
    5)While on mobile data
    Logging out of account
    Force-closing the app
    Relaunching app
    Logging back into account
    This gives same issues, works fine on network, but doesn’t connect on cellular
    As per the article I downloaded the RouteThisHelps app and ran the test with it to get a reference code

Hopefully tech support is open on New Year’s Eve in about 15 minutes so that I can try and troubleshoot while I’m here on site.

Here’s the connectivity guide, and the page for using RouteThis Helps for troubleshooting. You may need the results from the RouteThis Helps to put in a trouble ticket, or if you get on the phone with support.

Continuing the discussion from Help Needed for Troubleshooting Connectivity Issue:

I tried to respond in the original thread, but got a message that new users are temporarily limited to three responses in a thread. Hopefully this linked response works

Ran the RouteThis Helps app and have the code if I need it.
Unfortunately, the Support Center is apparently closed for New Year’s Eve as no tech reps are available when phoning in. I can’t blame them as the reason I can come and try and work on this today is that I’ve got the day off from work also. :slight_smile:
However, I think I discovered the problem. I logged into the web address of the router and turned off the firewall and the light on the CamPan went to solid Blue and now works on cellular signal. :smile:
I’m tempted to try and turn the firewall back on now that it’s connected, but don’t want to break what’s working.
Turning off the 5G portion of the router didn’t have any affect on the issue, but turning the firewall off did.
Eventually I’d like to have a way to turn the firewall back on, but for now the only think on the system is the camera and it’s working.
Thanks for all the suggestions in trying to solve the issues. Will look into one of the smart plugs to be able to recover from power outages in the future.

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Good to hear about getting it working. I was reading about your modem/router, and some of the reviews mentioned issues with the included McAffee software. Is that the firewall you mentioned?

Ray, I moved this back to the original thread so it’s all in one place and you should be good to continue posting now.

Glad you got it working! I read about your modem/router, and some reviews mentioned problems with the McAfee software on the router. Is that the firewall you mentioned?

Not sure if it was associated with the McAfee software, but was a toggle under one of the tabs for the advanced settings for the router. Going to look into it more to see if it can be turned back on now that the camera is operational, but for now it’s working and is accessible on both my Android and my wife’s iPhone.


I’m glad that Wyze support was helpful. Are you still having problem?

Great to hear it’s working again. You could turn on the firewall if you want to test it since we know it’s the root cause it was not working before. :grinning:

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