Wyze camera is getting crazy

Good day everyone…I own a Wyze Pan Cam and have had it for about a month. First 3 weeks, no issues at all. The past week has been a nightmare. It connects when I take it through the install process. Then, for no reason I can discover, it starts to spin on its base and finds a midpoint and stops there. When I check the Wyze app, it has disconnected (again, for about the 20th time!) Unplug it, go through the install again and it reconnects, then disconnects again, over and over again. I am sure it is still under warranty but I’m open to suggestions…Thanks

I am guessing here but that sure sounds like a WiFi issue. (Among a 100 other possibilities). Can you move the camera nearer to the router as a test for a day or two?

If that’s not possible or ineffective take a look here for troubleshooting tips.



Sounds like a warranty issue send it back for another

Hello, i am having same kind of issue. My wyze pan cam with last firmware Firmware version: is on a small kitchen wall and it is falling a lot of times (not far high!) because of erratic turns/movements at nights. Is there a way to send debug logs of what is happening ? Thanks

You don’t by chance happen to have any pet cats do you?

Nope… only the camera movements make it go down …my current view attached is not very nice :wink:

If you can, I would insert a memory card and turn on continuous recording. Then you can actually see what is happening.

How do you have it mounted? Or what is it sitting on?

It is just sitting on and i have already inserted sd card but cannot see all what is happening as it is disconnects during these times

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That is odd behavior indeed, I have not encountered anyone else with a similar issue. If you have another camera I would temporarily relocate it so it can watch your Pan camera. Maybe that will help you understand what is happening to it?

Good idea to setup another camera. I will do it (expect around 2 weeks) and keep you informed.

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Wanted to post an update to my issue of a few weeks ago. I was contacted by Wyze and they offered me a new camera. It took a week or so to arrive and I hooked it up per the same instructions as before. Bottom line, this camera is nearly as glitchy as the last one. The biggest issue is one of disconnecting from the network and not automatically reconnecting. I have both a Ring camera as well as a couple of Chinese cheapos and they all work better than my Wyze. It just can’t be trusted to stay connected. If that is not working correctly, why have the camera at all? I cannot and will not recommend the brand to any of my friends at this time.

I also experienced disconnections but I hope Wyze will fix it. I think the motion tracking feature makes the camera act crazy (same it does not know it cannot turn more than wanted)

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I bought this thinking it would be a great camera to watch over the property when we are in FL every year. Now, I have learned that I cannot trust it to operate as it should so it will be basically worthless to me.