Cam Pan no longer connected

Noticed that the Wyze Cam Pan is no longer connected to my app. Firmware is up to date, disconnected the camera waited 30 seconds, and plugged it back in, yellow light for 30 seconds or so, then blue light with the camera rotating, then nothing.

Is there a fix for this or is the camera bricked?

Seriously thinking about buying a system that actually works for cyber Monday as I’m tired of being essentially an experimenter for Wyze products that have too many issues to be considered reliable as a primary security system.

Did you have the status light disabled in settings? If you click the “offline” cam in the app, does it actually connect to the camera in app?

The camera suddenly stopped working which is frightening for an alleged security system. I can’t use the app for the pan cam, there is no way to click on anything for the pan cam.

What finally worked was deleting the camera and reinstalling it which worked for now, until the next time it decides to stop working.

I can’t escape the feeling that people who purchase security systems from Wyze aren’t actually customers but beta testers who pay Wyze for the privilege of testing their incomplete products in real-time.

Thank you for your response.

From what you said,you might have a bad/power plug I would try another one I have 2 V1,3V2 PTZ and they have worked flawless,also wyze does not pay Bata people,I have tested a few items over the year,all you get is the item for free