Wyze pan cam V3 Disconnecting from the app

I have about 10 Wyze cameras in the house different models 6 are pan cam V3 and 5 off them keep disconnecting from the app almost daily, I did everything the support asked me to do it and didn’t fix it the problem, the only way to get them back to work is powering them off and back on…

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I don’t know what Wyze Support suggested, but when you say that your cameras are “disconnecting from the app”, I wonder if you’re referring to the Wi-Fi connection stability issue that affected these cameras after they were initially released. This has been addressed by two different firmware updates, so ensuring that your Cam Pan v3s are up to date with firmware is the first place I’d look to address your issue.

What you’re describing reminds me of my experience with my first Cam Pan v3, which would frequently lose its connection and which led me to route its power through a Wyze Plug so that I could power-cycle that in order to restore the camera’s connectivity. After applying those firmware updates, I haven’t had that issue.

I’ve also read elsewhere on the Forum other members noting that the Cam Pan v3 seems to have a lower effective connectivity range than, say a regular Cam v3, so it may need to be closer to a wireless access point than a fixed-view camera might in order to maintain its connection. Reportedly the power supply can also be an issue, so if you poke around some you’ll read that some Forum users recommend being sure to use only the power supply that shipped with the camera, and some recommend using a power supply that provides slightly higher amperage.

Thank you, yes that’s my issue, I tried already the firmware that Wyze told me to download on the card and install on the cameras, I did all the suggested fix from Wyze but the cameras keep getting disconnected, I saw someone said that his problem was a different camera on the same WiFi was causing the problem… i have been testing all my WiFi devices to see if I can find if some is the cause of disconnection, no luck to now, and yes I have some plug on my cameras so I can reset on the phone, I junta Don’t want to buy more for all the cameras with the problem, and also The cameras are off for some time and I don’t know it… if something happens I will not have the recording because I didn’t know it was off…