Another V3 pan cam - no longer connecting to WiFi!

Add me to the list of a sudden issue.

Running the latest… my WiFi setup & location has not changed. Wtf?

Rebooting camera, then sudden reconnects, only to disconnect again.

Same issue here!

I have three wyze cam pan v3’s and they’re constantly disconnecting, and I have three Cam v3s that are same distance and all and rarely have issues. These are my third or fourth round of Pan V3 replacements… what’s going on.

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Mine worked for 29 days. Then on day 31…. Disconnect! Missed Amazon return period by 1 day!

Reached out to Wyze & they issued me a gift card for there web store. Ugh

Have you tried re-flashing FW?


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Ha! Now it won’t even power on

Tried a new cable & now it’s back working !

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