When Wi-Fi modem reboots , V3 pan won't reconnect

Every time my Wi-Fi goes out, my V3 pans all get knocked off-line but they don’t automatically come back online like my ring cameras do, I have to go around and unplug every single v3 to get it to work

Anybody know why this keeps happening

Maybe the bigger question is why your WiFi reboots regularly?

I have Wyze cameras that were mounted in my truck so they lost WiFi every time I drove away from home. I have had one of those cameras that failed to reconnect when I returned home - once in a while.

I actually replace the modem last week so it doesn’t reboot anymore, but when I was testing it out and rebooted the modem to see if the cameras would come back online, they didn’t come back online for some reason all of them will show off-line, the only way to fix it is I have to unplug every single camera for about one secondbecause I have about five cameras

I have over 50 IoT devices (mostly Wyze cameras), so that would be annoying if devices did not re-connect.

Do yours automatically reconnect as your modem ever gone out

As I said, the only one that has shown that as a problem was the V2 in the truck that once in while (every month or two) would not reconnect after returning to WiFi coverage. Note that it would connected to the WiFi, but not to the Wyze servers.

I don’t have much in the way of outages at home:
My Internet itself has not gone down in three years (that was after I had everything powered off to re-arrange the data cabinet).
My router is showing an uptime of 317 days, 8 hours, 16 minutes, 2 seconds (that was after a firmware update that I did).
My WiFi access points got a firmware update about a month ago.

Are your Pan Cam v3s all up to date with firmware? The Release Notes & Firmware page shows at least two updates to the Pan Cam v3 firmware that are specifically supposed to address Wi-Fi connectivity. This brief (at the time of writing) recent topic may provide some information:

With current firmware, I don’t have reconnection problems when I intentionally reboot my modem/WAP, so I power cycle my Cam Pan v3s a lot less frequently than I used to. My cameras of this model are all fairly close to the WAP, though.

I guess you could check your Wi-Fi signal strength at your cameras’ locations. If that seems sufficient, then you could consider a couple of other things:

  • If your modem/router allows it, you could potentially assign static IP addresses to the cameras so that there shouldn’t be anything like an IP address conflict when part of your network has a power cycle. (I don’t know if that’s part of your issue or not. I’m just trying to think of things that could provide consistency.)
  • You could plug each camera’s power adapter into a smart plug. I used to use a Wyze Plug for this very purpose for my first Pan Cam v3 when the Wi-Fi connectivity was so flaky (pre-firmware-update). Then you could more easily cycle the power from the Wyze app. Something like that you could even set up in a Shortcut Rule and then have just one button to press to cycle all your Plugs. This is just kind of a work-around, though, and doesn’t actually solve the root problem.

Yes all my firmware update on all the cameras I think I’ve even have them set to auto update, all my cameras are off-line right now, I’m not sure why because the Wi-Fi hasn’t gone out that I know of