Pancam v3 loses wifi connection

Why do the v3 pan cams constantly lose wifi and have to be power cycled. happens using power warts and outdoor power adapter, I have 20 cams and only the 2 v3 pan cams do this everything else stays connected? anyone found a fix for this?

I can’t speak specifically to “power warts and outdoor power adapter”, but I believe I’ve read elsewhere on the Forum about cameras having flaky behavior if they’re not receiving adequate power input, so some users recommend always using the power adapter that was packaged with a particular camera, and other users recommend using a power adapter with a higher-amperage output.

The other thing I’d recommend is to ensure that all of your Pan Cam v3s are up to date with their firmware. Since that model’s release, there have been at least two firmware updates that specifically address Wi-Fi connectivity: (February 20, 2023)

  • Improved Wi-Fi connection stability (April 24, 2023)

  • Improved Wi-Fi connection stability

Prior to those updates, I had my first Cam Pan v3’s power routed through a Plug so that I could use the Wyze app to power cycle it when I wanted to view it but found that it wasn’t connected to the network. Those updates seem to have fixed the problem for me :crossed_fingers:, and I’ve since been able to repurpose my Plug elsewhere.

I say all this knowing that my application likely differs from yours, as my cameras are indoors and using the original power adapters. You mentioned the outdoor adapter, so I also wonder if the Wi-Fi signal strength is a factor at your cameras’ locations, but I imagine you’ve probably already taken this into account. :man_shrugging:

I get the same behavior with the factory plug and aftermarket ones. Also the Wyze outdoor adapter and aftermarket ones.

I find pan cam V3s to have a very poor WiFi capability among Wyze camera models. I tested a V3 at the same exact location. The V3 is snappy at connecting; the pan cam takes a long time to connect and fails some of the time.

These two cameras are less than 10 feet from my gateway / router so signal is not the issue. I set a rule to restart them daily at midnight and it seems to have helped a bit but they still lose connection. Very frustrating as I’d like more of them to do all the corners on the house and use the motion tracking.