When Wi-Fi modem reboots , V3 pan won't reconnect

Are your Pan Cam v3s all up to date with firmware? The Release Notes & Firmware page shows at least two updates to the Pan Cam v3 firmware that are specifically supposed to address Wi-Fi connectivity. This brief (at the time of writing) recent topic may provide some information:

With current firmware, I don’t have reconnection problems when I intentionally reboot my modem/WAP, so I power cycle my Cam Pan v3s a lot less frequently than I used to. My cameras of this model are all fairly close to the WAP, though.

I guess you could check your Wi-Fi signal strength at your cameras’ locations. If that seems sufficient, then you could consider a couple of other things:

  • If your modem/router allows it, you could potentially assign static IP addresses to the cameras so that there shouldn’t be anything like an IP address conflict when part of your network has a power cycle. (I don’t know if that’s part of your issue or not. I’m just trying to think of things that could provide consistency.)
  • You could plug each camera’s power adapter into a smart plug. I used to use a Wyze Plug for this very purpose for my first Pan Cam v3 when the Wi-Fi connectivity was so flaky (pre-firmware-update). Then you could more easily cycle the power from the Wyze app. Something like that you could even set up in a Shortcut Rule and then have just one button to press to cycle all your Plugs. This is just kind of a work-around, though, and doesn’t actually solve the root problem.