Getting annoyed cameras keep going offline

Why are my CamV3 cameras constantly going offline? I’ve been through the whole troubleshooting, which is zero Help. Tired of having to unplug them and plug them back in several times a day. Anybody else have a solution to this issue?

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Check the wifi signal at the camera, or maybe try a different 5V-1A power adapter and or cable. Make sure the cable is pushed in tight and seated.

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I think @Antonius has good ideas, but I’m also wondering which cameras are giving you issues. Your post says “CamV3”, but you tagged the topic with cam-pan-v3, so I’m not sure if you mean :cam_pan_v3: Cam Pan v3 or :cam_v3: Cam v3.

I’m making the distinction because I don’t have any Cam v3s, but I do have Cam Pan v3s, and those had real problems maintaining Wi-Fi connections with the initial firmware. (I was so annoyed with it that I was passing the power for my first Cam Pan v3 through a Wyze Plug just so that I could remotely cycle the power when that camera was frequently offline.) Wyze had to release a couple of different firmware updates in order to give those cameras more stable connections, so I’d suggest checking/updating your firmware if you haven’t already done that.

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Are you using Xfinity or Rogers as your provider?

Some of their customers have reported issues.

Could be a number of reasons. I started making a list of common things here:

Sorry the list is really long. Connectivity is a complicated issue with LOTS of potential reasons.

Having said that, I believe there is a current firmware issue with the Pan V3 model. Wyze is aware of it and looking into it:

My Cam Pan V3 always going offline lately unable to use live view. Recently 11hrs ago July 2, 2024. Camera still tracks motion though. Have unplugged, restart router, formatted sd card, reset services, changed out power brick also. Im up to date on firmware. brought inside closer to router still went offline. Have other V3 cameras with no issues its just the Cam Pan V3. This becoming annoying.

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I can see that. I stayed away from Wyze pan cams. Too many issues. Been lucky with the stationary cams.

I actually like my Cam Pan v3s and haven’t had significant issues with Wi-Fi connections since a couple of last year’s firmware releases were issued to improve stability…but both of mine are relatively close to a wireless access point, and I have read elsewhere on the Forum about issues with the Cam Pan v3’s wireless range (especially when compared to the standard Cam v3).

My ongoing problem currently is with the failure to recognize the installed microSD card from the Events screen on one of the cameras, but Wyze says they’re workin’ on that. :man_shrugging:

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My Cam Pan V3s came back online around 2:05am July 3, 2024 according to events. My wifi signals are strong, its a services and/or firmware issue.


Mine Cam Pans all are losing connection. Please Wyze fix this. This is not good Customer Service.