Cam (v3) Continuously Goes Offline

The subject says it all. I am forever having to reset one of my v3 cams. It seems to go offline at it’s own will, meaning, nothing special is happening to make it go offline (storms, power outage, etc)

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I suggest you move it, for some time only, closer to your router to determine if it’s a signal power issue.

Do you have many IOT devices working fine? If not, you may have to consider it’s the router.
Ultimately, it could be a faulty Cam.

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It sits about 5 feet from the Fiber router now. We have many IOT’s that are working fine. I have 9 Wyze cams in use and this is the only one that is doing that. I have a v3 pan cam that is about 10 feet away that JUST started doing some funky stuff (wont announce movement and gets a squirrely picture once it locks on to the target. But that’s a separate ticket.

Thanks for responding!

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One of the things that you need to consider is what @christiano suggested. Look up the specs on your router. How many devices does it allow to connect? How many devices do you have? This often is the problem, and too many people don’t plan for it.

Then, switch it with a working one.
If the working one goes bad - and the faulty one starts working, it may be some interference problem.
Otherwise, if the faulty one remains problematic, then it becomes pretty clear the unit is defective.


Thanks, but one is the newer pan and the one acting up is a regular v3. I’ll probably just switch it out and see what happens. I was just trying to salvage it

Salvage it? Yes, salvage. Don’t throw it away. Too soon. You’ve not collected enough info to determine if its bad and of no use.

Sometimes rolling back to a previous firmware helps. And if give you a chance to practice doing so.

I had no idea we could do that!

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Thank you. I warms my heart, and does me some good to know that I might have helped someone today with a little info.

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If your troubleshooting determines it is a bad device, be sure to call Wyze for a replacement.

From time to time my V3 goes offline, it however remains connected to the router over WiFi with good signal. Last time this happened i did not disconnect it from power. Instead when motion was detected it came back online.

It is running the latest beta firmware.

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I have one or two that do that too. And they are not on beta firmware. As a matter of fact, it was a release from 2-3 months ago that did it. Neither did that behavior at the same time.

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WORKAROUND A: SETTINGS → Restart Camera → Restart

WORKAROUND B: If this returns any error such as FAIL, buy a Kasa or any other Smart Plug. (Wyze makes one too.) You’ll be able to remotely powercycle the camera from your smartphone, even while far away from your home.

A cure for common troubleshooting,

I’m having the same issue with my V3 Cam Pan. I figured it was getting poor signal from my AT&T Fiber router-modem combo so I purchased the new Wyze Pro Mesh Router and it’s doing the same thing. Stays online for an hour or so and then disconnects for no reason. Have to power cycle for it to connect again. The new Wyze router is ten feet away from it, this is some bs.

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Ive done both MANY times and it hasn’t helped one bit.

Again, it’s an immediate workaround that has helped you every time to get the camera temporarily back up and running, not a permanent fix that prevents it from reoccurring. For that, all the tedious ‘replace cam and router’ and other typical automatic sometimes pricey responses that everyone always tells you are your unlikely but possible solutions. Good luck!

It is not you or your wifi. It is your v3 pan. I have put v2, OG and v3 pan to the test at the same distance from the router and find that my v3 pan must be re-powered every couple of days. I hope they fix it soon.

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That’s about the best response I’ve gotten so far. Thanks much!

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The V3 on my Wyze Floodlight does this regularly. It’s a pain since it’s hardwired and out of reach. My only option is to flip the breaker that the floodlight is on to power cycle it.

Pretty sure it’s a bad device because I have several other V3s that don’t do this.

I guess it’s time to change it out with an OG

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