V3 cam keeps disconnecting

Replaced a v2 cam with a v3. It’s used outdoors. V3 keeps disconnecting from the network. V2 never had a problem in the exact same location. Any thoughts?

Distance from your router’s max range? Put the V2 back for a while and move the V3 at least half that distance and test if it behaves online. Cost nothing to test if this is the cause.


As @Sam_Bam suggests, there have been other posts suggesting that the V3 wifi doesn’t have the same signal strength/distance of the V2. I’ve seen several posts about the same problem that a V2 worked but when replaced with the V3 the camera was unstable or wouldn’t connect to the wifi.

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So I think I may have found a solution. Given that the v3 wifi seems to be a bit more finicky, I suspected that maybe the power run to the camera was dropping enough voltage to make camera not work properly. I reduced the length of the USB run to the camera and it immediately came online. And it’s been online since w no drops!


Very good idea. I sometimes need a longer than Wyze cable length. And when I do, I don’t use the adapter that comes with the camera. I have found the power to be “just barely enough”. So I found some higher amperage adapters and bought them. Eventually swapped all for these, ruling out “power” or “no enough power” as a possible issue.