V3 Cam issues going offline

One of my Cam v3 cameras seems to have issues. It started as occasionally going offline. A power cycle and it would be ok again for a while. This went on for some time but the interval shortened until it no longer seems to want to stay working at all. I have reset it and deleted and added it a few times. Tried removing the SD card and also tried a couple of different power sources to no avail. It also has made some clicking and hissing type noises that are not normal when I was trying to view the video stream through the app.

Anyone else experience anything like this?

Some people have reported that the V3 WiFi coverage is not as good as the V2, and some people have not noticed much of a difference. I can tell you that I have taken both apart, and in my opinion, the V3 antenna is a joke!
With that said, could that camera simply be at the edge of WiFi coverage?

Do you have other V3s you could put in the trouble spot to troubleshoot? Have you put the problematic camera in a different spot close to your wifi source for troubleshooting? Just trying to see if the issue follows the location, or follows the camera.

I have brought this camera inside where it had very good coverage. Same results wifi is not the issue. I currently replaced it with a v2 camera (outside under eaves) and that one works fine. I have a second v3 that works ok. Both were purchased together upon the very first initial release. This camera had worked fine for some time.

I have been having the same issue. The camera seems to randomly disconnect. The only way to get it back online is to physically unplug it and plug it back in. Then it reconnects to the network and everything is fine.

This happened once when I was on vacation which was very annoying since there was no way to remotely get the camera back online. It would be nice if the camera rebooted itself when a problem like this was detected. Maybe if it goes offline for more than 10 minutes, reboot. Not sure if that would work, but something needs to be done to make these cams more reliable.

I had put mine on a Wyze plug so I could reboot it remotely. The camera eventually would not stay functioning though.