Cam v3 - random disconnects

Hi All,

I’m constantly having issues of v3 cam (i have 3) where in the app they stop recording. In the home menu they show as offline even though the actual live stream works fine. Usually a power on and off will fix it, but it is constant every couple days they break.

  • I’ve tried resetting cache on the app as well.
  • No SD-card (thought about getting one just haven’t yet)
  • I have Cam plus signed up and assigned to all 3 camera’s

Camera version:

I’m about to sell them and go with another brand, even after reading all the reviews that these were good and they are when they work… just they have so many connection issues lately.

@Croxen, Welcome to the User Forum!

I had these issues when I first set mine up. Especially after I got up to 12. Then it happened more when I was home … Watching TV… Steaming movies.

Turns out I had a really old crappy WiFi router that was not keeping up with the 30+ devices I have connected.

I upgraded to a super fast heavy duty mesh router with an extender and gave my phone, my hub, and my cams high priority status. Now I rarely have that issue.

I recently just upgraded to Asus xt8 - so definitely not an issue there. Are your camera’s running on 2.4 or 5ghz?

All my cams are on 2.4ghz, along with all my other IoT except Echo Dots and FireTV. I thought that is a limitation of the cams. I let my router decide. My phone runs on 5ghz. I do not have separate SSID and no Guest network.

My previous WiFi router did not have dual bands.

Can you go into your router admin and assign specific hardware priority?

It sounds like you are describing the “thumbnail offline” software bug. Search for it.

I am not convinced it is a software coding bug as much as it is a software decoding latency caused by network congestion. It does not affect every user of the same software. I am using the same cams as many and the same app as many others but do not experience the same problem… If it were a software coding bug, every person with the same up to date app version and firmware would be fragged. And that is not the case,

One of the additional steps I took was to enable hardware decoding in the app settings.,manually%20recorded%20videos%2C%20and%20more.