V2 cam keeps going offline

I have a v2 cam and it works ok until I try to use the 2 way voice. As soon as I press the talk button the cam goes offline and reboots. It does this every time then says unstable network. The speed of the video normally says 60kbs but as soon as I go to say something it drops to 0 then goes off line. 2nd issue is with the sd card. When I put an sd card in it makes that beep to let you know it’s in then the camera starts to click and goes off line. I got it to work 1 time and it was working until I went to view footage on the sd card then it froze up and went offline. Any ideas why I’m having so much trouble with this camwra? Defective maybe? I have tried to contact support a couple times and haven’t heard back

Hello @vp122684, Sorry to hear about the issues you’re experiencing with the camera, but I’m going to try and help you out. Firstly does the camera have a good connection strength to the router? Is the camera’s firmware and app version updated to the latest? What kind of microSD card are you using in the camera?

Something similar just happened to my V2 cameras. I have two V2 cameras and a Pan camera. I came home only to find both V2 offline and the Pan Online. The Pan and one of the V2 are equally distance from the router while the other V2 cam is outside at the front door with strong signal strength. I have the latest firmware and the cameras are all less than a month old. There were no issues with my Electric, so what could have caused the cameras to go Offline? I am worried this might happen again.