V2 cams all offline today!

I have 3 older v2 cams, and 2 new v3 cams. The v3 cams have always been pretty rock solid for me as far as their connection stability goes. All 3 of my v2 cams today were showing offline and unable to connect! Every once in awhile one will re-connect, but I’ll check it later in the day and it’s offline again, while the v3 cams are remaining stable. What in the heck could be going on?

I have been having issues with my v2 Camera as well. I am testing the Beta Release of the FW and App. Was attributing it to that provided some feedback. I end up unplugging the v2 from power for a few seconds. Plug is back in and it will do the boot-up process and everythign is fine.

Just checked all 7 of my V2’s are up and so is the V1 pan-cam.

Interesting, we still have over 12 V2 at 6 locations and there going on 3 years old some are outside where our summer Temps are 120 +