V2 and pan cams dropping offline since 4.9

Anyone else have their v2 and pan cams constantly dropping offline since the 4.9 / 4.10 (pan) firmware update.

Havnt changed anything on my network or settings but the cams keep droppoffline and giving my error 90.

I can reset them with a power cycle but the seems to last less than a day before they drop off again.

I’m on android.

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Yes both my pan and v2 are rebooting continually every 30 seconds. Just reset the V2 and it reset a few times. Now staying on 3 minues so far. will update…


I now have 2xV2s and one pan dropping. Appears to happen in the morning. Guessing an IR switching/networking issue. 2 cams are using a 2.4ghz ubiquity wifi and the 3rd using a netgear.

I reset and formatted the sd card, no change

Happening to me as well but only with my Cam Pan.

Mine is dropping off too with the v2… Happened once so far to two cameras.

wow, its weird this is so sporadic. I have 9 V2’s and am having no issues since the update. ( sadly I can’t speak for the pancam’s)

have you guys submitted logs to the DEV’s?

So my V2s have been ok, but my Pan has not. V2s are ok on Pan on keeps getting -90 errors. Wyze has been kind enough to RMA my Pan though, so I’ll update when I get the replacement and see if it exhibits the same behavior. From what I’ve read on reddit and here, the -90 problem may be server side though.

Yes. Two Pans that I use as cameras in my 2 and 1 year olds bedrooms. Sometimes resets at night which occasionally wakes/spooks them.

I’ve been out of town for 3 weeks and my cams have been offline 90% of the time. I can’t cycle them on/off while offline. I recommended them to my brother before I left. I will retract that. Not happy.