Pancam says it went offline while I was looking at the feed

Ticket 43151. While opening the feed to view it, the Pancam went offline, error 90, according to the app. But it is pingable on my network. How is this possible? I can’t restart it because of the error.

Now I’m repeatedly resetting the cam, which is really just adding as a new device, which never completes. I get past the QR scan and it hangs on connecting. I can still ping it in my network utility, but there seems to be no intelligence in the cam. Connection fails, again, for the third time. I do not have time right now to reset my network, but may have time for that tomorrow. I’m working right now, and to interrupt my other 42 devices to get one back on, which was fine until a couple of hours ago is just not acceptable.
I haven’t had this much trouble with a firmware update before. Maybe someone could send me a link to .174, and I’ll downgrade this one camera? Again that won’t be today.

You may need to just unplug it, give it 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

Already did that 3 times.someone else said the problem is my network, I’ll try that tomorrow, when everyone else is gone. It will only interrupt my job then.

-90 means: Server is unable to make contact with the requested device. Check device’s connection status to the router.

If you can PM me the MAC address I can check it for you. However, you said your other cameras are connecting ok? Just this one is having problem? Are they all on the same firmware?

I don’t think you can SD card flash to a beta version but you can always flash to the latest stable version, connect the device, check if connection is ok, then upgrade to a beta. Please let me know if you see any problem with any of those steps above.

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Thank you for your response. After rebooting my router, I still had to re add the cam to the app, at which point the cam started functioning again. It turns out the cam was recording the whole time so nothing lost, really. For your information I have a total of 2 pan cams and 2 v2’s. They are all on .181. The one I was asking about is the newest one I have, I purchased it in May of this year. Its position is about 6 feet from the router, so I’m sure distance is not a problem. If you think you need to remote in to it, I can provide the MAC, but it does appear to be OK now. Generally I haven’t seen significant problems with the various beta firmware updates, until .181. My network usually has about 40 devices online at any given time, and I have 100 IP’s available for devices.

So, not even 24 hours later, same thing happens to my other pan cam. I’d really like to know root cause. My network is fully functional, so I don’t get it. With any luck tomorrow Ill be reporting on my v2’s. I really hope not.