Anyone have issues with beta firmware on pan cam V2?

I purchased (3)V2 pans… very short bun in so not sure so far if beta firmware, SD card, defective hardware, or some peculiar Wifi compatibility at remote install site. I did put on a Wemo so I could reboot when it goes offline but it doesn’t last long when it is offline. I will swap out with another V2 if subsequent firmware doesn’t fix before then.


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I’m believe I’m experiencing the same issue if I understand your description correctly. When I move the camera farther away from the wifi it will restart every 23 minutes or so. I’ve tried two units and they both do this, but not when closer to the router. I can look at the continuous recording and see that it’s only happening between dawn and dusk, very similar to the issue the v3’s were having last month. Also, I’m not sure that is a beta release.

It’s showing that the cam has 2 bars of wifi. I hope they get it figured out sooner than the v3.

Just got mine today and tried to update firmware but when it reboots it does not reconnect and I have to reset it.

Reset it and update worked fine! It took holding the reset button longer than 10 seconds until light turned solid red. Once I did that the firmware updated.

It does look like release version. I just made an assumption since they update and I didn’t pay particular attention to the shipping rev. Ironically mine is only about 10 feet away from router. The previous Pan Cam I swapped out never had an issue. I didn’t bring another camera to test but will next time.

The pan v1 I replaced never had an issue either. Also, I did have the issue of the cameras not coming back online after each of the 2 initial updates out of the box and had to manually readd them after each update.

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