Wyze Cam Pan v3 Firmware Beta Test 2/7/2023


What’s New:

  • Improved Wi-Fi connection stability

one of the things I didn’t happen to have an issue with, it never lost wifi connection, but will see if things like signal and smoothness improve.
Update went flawless. I’ll write back if I happen to notice something

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Update was successful and things seem to be functioning as expected.

Will do more testing later

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Updated 2 of my most distant cams that regularly disconnected during live stream when manually panning or while scrubbing SD footage.

Updates successful by bulk update.

Will test and report back.


Camera seems to not be able to update to the latst beta no matter what I try, anyone have similar issues?

EDIT after multiple tries for a few days, I just tried again and this time it worked

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Pan v3 waypoints progressively “drift” further from their user-defined positions with each cycle. Seems like somewhere there’s a compounding offset being applied to one or more axis of orientation.

Even just across a single scan cycle, the waypoints shift. The cam scans fully to one side (eg left), but then each of the waypoints on its way back to the right side are a few degrees off.

Still present as of Beta fw v4.50.2.3762


After beta update, I’m unable to view the live camera feed on my Echo Show, all other devices including the OG cam can be viewed without issue.

Thank you for mentioning this. IMO, one of the most annoying issues that severely degrades the effectiveness of the cam. This issue has been very well documented:

Also note the following is still malfunctioning in this Beta:

  • Android lacks the Smart AI specific granular Device Notifications Toggles that are within the iOS app. These are the same toggles found in the updated FW for the V3, PanV1, PanV2, V2. V3Pro and OG.

  • 30s SD Playback FW\RW buttons are non-functional.

  • Cam tracks fast moving objects that are fully within the Excluded DZ.


For me when I updated it, it gave me an update failure, however it booted up fine. And now it is not asking to update again, so I am thinking it actually updated.

However, the inability to return to the home position is not fixed. I was excited to see the update hoping that it would have been fixed but no. In my opinion this is a “stop-ship” issue. The pan cam v3 is completely crippled in performing its basic function properly, that is, “motion tracking” because it can pan while tracking motion, and is completely useless if you have it enabled because it just keeps going out and chasing cars and bird watching. This should be fixed at high priority. Disabling motion tracking makes it not much different than Cam v3 which can’t pan while tracking motion (and I replaced v3 with pan v3).

The issue is covered in detail in the following post as mentioned by @SlabSlayer above:

Wyze Cam Pan v3 - Does not return back to home position - Cameras - Wyze Forum

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my pan V3 is mounted upside down under roof overhang. I do not have it pan and scanning but do have a home point set, and motion tracking on. It tracks motion when it feels like it. my regular V3 is much better at recognizing motion than it is. and has same field of view at the home point.

I have noticed that if it tracks motions lower than the set home point it will return right to left ok but will be much lower than the set home point. if it tracks motion on the same plane or above the set home point it will return to the correct position.
Also the fwd and rev on the card viewing is useless, it just randomly picks some point in time to go to. I have not noticed any changes with this new beta fw update.


I have mine mounted 180° under the soffit as well. If it tilts down to track, the return to home is low. If it tracks high, the return to home is high. The left\right return home offset isn’t as noticable, but it is occasionally off as well.

One additional issue that has been discovered and discussed is that when an object is moving under the cam, it regularly fails to tilt down to track the object. It just stops and let’s the object fall out of the FOV even though there is still plenty of tilt travel remaining for the cam to look straight down.

It is almost as if the cam firmware has a restriction in the code to keep the the Cam from tracking down into the lower cube when in the upright position so the view isn’t obstructed. But, since the cam is rotated 180°, the cam doesn’t realize that base cube is now on top and not on the bottom but still limits the downward tilt tracking. :man_shrugging:

It was noted here by @scdorosh:

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interesting, I will pay a little more attention to it, as mine is doing what yours is, I had noticed that if it tracked lower it returned lower. now I’ll look a little closer where it is in relation to the home setpoint when it tracks higher. the right to left must not be off to far but I will look better at that also. I’m guessing mine is doing same as yours and I just didn’t pay close enough attention to it.
as far as not tracking up and down like @scdorosh and you mentioned. I will check that when I get home tonight. I’ll report back my findings.

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What I did was to document the return to home bug thru use of the Detection Zone sice that overlays a nice grid for reference.

I set the DZ with some minimal blocks shaded, saved it, and took a screenshot. I set 4 pan waypoints to that identical home FOV, then turned on the Motion Tracking and Pan Scan. After some motion tracking behavior and manual manipulation I would let the cam return to home and go back into the DZ and take another screenshot for comparison.

ok, I’ll try that. have a busy schedule, might take me a day or two, but i will try that. I have a feeling I’ll have same results as you.

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Good stuff

ok, I didn’t get a chance to check the return to home out much. I did set a new point and now the cam is way off on returning to the home point. Also I did check about it following movement all the way under it. and mine did track me walking under it. it moved to straight down then spun around and continued to follow. I think though, that if i was able to move faster, I would have got out of its field of view before it could catch me.
Side note:
I just saw a new beta firmware for this cam, so all could be different now.

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