Wyze Cam V2 & Wyze Cam Pan firmware beta test 11/30/2020


  • Wyze Cam v2: 4.9.6. 224
  • Wyze Cam Pan: 4.10.6. 224

Release Notes: (compared to 4.X.6.218)

New Features:

  • None

Fixed Issues:

  • Improved a bug causing increased motion detection sensitivity in cases such as moving tree branches

Known Issues:

  • Cam Plus displayed video length may be shorter than the actual video length in slower network environments

Suggested Test Areas:

  • If the camera generates more or fewer false positive videos or if it misses Events

Welcome @Yichen!
Thanks for the beta info!

Boy, do I have bad timing! Didn’t know there was a real fresh upgrade out there.

Recently my internet has improve and upload speed has crept up to a whopping 0.85 Mbps, from what was a dismal average of about 0.6.
So I decided to try and put a few cams back on line. Tried to upgrade 3 that had been setting unhooked since March, 2020 and all failed. No SD cards. They would get to about 12%, make a click sound, give a message of camera disconnected, reconnect, then spend the time to slowly go to 100% and report failure. Tried each cam several times.

I had been using a Wyze standard USB cord (that had been running one of the cams) so I switched it to a much shorter cord from something else.
All 3 upgraded.

Power to the V2, over a short cord.

I severely hope this resolves the insane amount of false positives … also just submitted a whole bunch of videos where the “motion outline” just flickers all over the place … it seems to get super confused with the grill on the front of our vehicle - as if the focus is thinking it’s motion, but it’s not.
We’ll see how this update works out over time.

Initial impressions are promising. I expanded my detection area from only around 20% active grids to maybe 70% active grids. I also increased sensitivity from 30 to 70. I’m seeing a lot less false positives so far.

The motion tracking box also seems much more conservative now. Notice how it seems to follow the gaps in the trees and is pretty tight to the motion:


immediately after the update I noticed I had triggers of motion detected> turn on rules for plugs and bulbs triggering every few minutes…im working on figuring out what happened

lots of logs to come.

I post this so others might be aware if they are having the same thing happening.

V2, squares only set to front door area and gate. Cars driving buy with headlights on and a blowing cedar tree set it off constantly. sensitivity right now set to 3. If people walk across the street, way out of the detection zone, I get a person alert.

I am using WYZE Beta. My cameras… all four of them including one PAN Cam, will not upgrade to the latest firmware. I am stuck on for the V2 and for the PanCam.

It acts like it is upgrading but after about 5 minutes it will say unsuccessful

I have tried bulk and individual upgrading options. I have turned off each cam and restarted. I have closed out on the app and restarted. I made sure I left the WYZE app on screen while upgrading. I even attempted to stay near the cam and also the wifi router.

Normally, I do not have an issue.


If it is not the latest version, try to update the firmware for the individual device or use the Upgrade All button on the bottom.

If the upgrade continues to fail, try these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Power cycle the camera (unplug it, wait 3 seconds, and plug it back in). Done
  2. If you have a microSD card in your camera, remove it and attempt updating it again. Done
  3. If this fails again, or you don’t have a microSD card, try moving your camera closer to the router for the update. Will try next
  4. The last step would be to flash the firmware (requires a microSD card) manually. Follow our step by step guide for firmware flashing.

Hello everyone,

For those who had problem with too sensitive motion detection, how do you feel about the .224 firmware now? Please let me know if that meets your expectation.

P.S: .224 is still in beta testing, not officially released yet.

Thank you.

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It seems better so far for me but the weather has been fairly calm since the update and I haven’t been able to test much with moderate winds moving vegetation.

It is still sensitive in pan cam. If I toggle the sensitive level to low like 50%-60%, It will stop recording the event and increase 70%-80% capture motion but even in the excluded detection zone.

Could you upload or PM me the video clip so I can better understand what is going on there?

Opposite problem today. Couple of very obvious events that did not record. Both had people and lots of moving in it.

Do you have a SD card? Would you like to pm me your video (where should be detected but not) and the motion detection settings?

Does not look like the Beta firmware is great either for motion capturing?

Have a few videos that the “Events” tab shows as having potential movement (by virtue of the green outline on the still photo) ; however, when viewing the actual video there is no portion in the clip where that green box appears. At all. Incidentally there is movement that occurs outside the detection zone (like, far outside the zone, not even close) … but no green box there … so there is “movement” but nothing that should have been caught.

Had quite a few false detections which were sent to debug (setting was at 70%), but with the latest update there have been less. I blame it on the pampas grass that always gets noticed.

Hi XuLi

How do we get the Beta firmware if we are not part of the testing group? My V2 is mounted outside in a motion detector LED light (wasserman) and for the first couple of weeks it was great! These last couple of nights (rainy, and windy) the camera has alerted almost on the 1 minute cool down mark. I’d love to test the new update and be able to respond. I have signed up and filled out all of the requirements for WYZE labs too. Anyway let me know if you have a minute. THANKS

Here is the instruction of how you can become a beta tester: Wyze Labs Beta Testers | Facebook

Keep in mind that beta version is a version of pioneering and experiencing new features and updates. Beta version may not be as stable as official versions.


Thanks for the quick response, any chance you can send this to me not on facebook? I’m not a facebook user - too much negativity and non-sense for me.