Wyze Cam v2/Pan Firmware Beta Test 11/17/2021


Wyze Cam v2:

Wyze Cam Pan:

  • Added support for microSD cards larger than 32GB

  • Fixed a constant reboot bug

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Just installed on my Cam v2 without issue. Loads quickly. Will test a litle later.

Just installed on 3 Cam Pans. No issues. Working great!!

Updated 8 cams v2 and 3 cams pan V1 without issues.

@peepeep : the sync time is now working with these betas.

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No issues with updating my V2 Cam. Will test later if more than 32gb works. I believe I have a few 64gb and 128gb cards lying around.

So what’s the diff? I’ve been running one Pan w/ a 64GB card 24/7 since 2/2019.

Installed and with my v2 cams with cam plus, I keep getting notified of vehicles even when my settings are set to NOT notify me of vehicles (or record events with vehicles).

I have four v2s: two updated successfully, but the same two that failed the previous beta updates are still failing to update.

Current version:
Failed versions:,,

Otherwise the cameras work fine and the failed update doesn’t seem to interrupt use of the cameras.

Are you getting vehicle notifications specifically? Or are they just being included with a “movement” alert? I have seen that happen.

I’m getting vehicle notifications specifically independent of other types of notifications.

Does this beta include rtsp? Thanks

@WyzeAndy @WyzeBaohua

I wanted to report that at least one of my V2’s is having a recurring reboot issue after this update (it was not having the issue before I loaded this update).

I submitted the following log to help out:

Log 365834

Here’s an image showing that it is rebooting regularly on it’s own. Often when it reboots, it seems like it does it a few times in a row, so you’ll notice some gaps are larger than others…these are the times it rebooted multiple times in a row before stabilizing, while the smaller gaps are fewer reboots in row.

I don’t know if any of my other V2’s are having this issue, but this is my office cam, so I hear every time it reboots, and I so I even know when it does it multiple times in a row. I just felt I should report it. Let me know if you’d like me to capture the SD card logs or anything else for you.


Please don’t reformat your card… Wyze may want you to send an SD log.

Also… do you see any trends when you look back over a few days? Look for things like time of day, high levels of activity/triggers/motion, etc.

Thank you so much for posting this issue. Could you please check the SD card log, and send me all of them including anything in the rebootlog directory?

(You can pop out the SD card and re-insert it into the camera. After two chime sound you can take out the SD card. On a PC/Mac with a SD card adapter, please put your card inside and send me the log_XXXX.txt files,)

Thank you very much!

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I emailed you the SD card logs.

Strangely there was nothing in the rebootlog folder, but I sent all the other logs. We can try again after it reboots a few more times again and see if we can get anything in that rebootlog folder if you want.

Unfortunately, I didn’t install this firmware when it first came out, so I don’t have much more data than in that screenshot from any previous days because of my tardiness, but I will keep watching over the next few days and see if any patterns turn up now that I do have the firmware updated.


Having the same

Still no issues on my side.


RTSP is a separate branch of firmware.

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