Wyze Cam v2/Pan Firmware 4.X.9.1851 Released 2/2/23

We have updates for Wyze Cam v2 ( and Wyze Cam Pan (! Along with improving the video upload success rate, these fix a bug that affected camera reconnection after a cloud outage. :cloud:

Please update when you have a moment. This is the update we discussed previously that fixes a bug that has made the outages more difficult to manage. More cameras on the updated firmware will improve our stability if AWS has a blip in their service. :slightly_smiling_face:

Read our Release Notes: :notebook:


20 hrs & no gripes. :crossed_fingers:

Looks like I may be able to move up v2s from (finally!) :slight_smile:

Still testing on a spare cam…


I am worried this will render my v2 cams useless just like all firmwares since If anyone can confirm this firmware is not a bust like the previous attempts that would be great. My main issue is they don’t come back online after subsequent reboots. Pretty sure it also has to do with having a 256GB card in the camera whereas others who have small cards don’t exhibit problems. I am exhausted upgrading and then having problems only to have to unmount them from my outdoor eves to manually flash. is my firmware until Wyze is able to actually fix serious issues. Good luck to the brave souls that upgrade. Let us know how your journey ends :slight_smile:

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jusr read in Camera section,. someone had trouble updating 1581 to v2.
After Update, sd card continuos recording not working.

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@WyzeJasonJ How long will it take to get a viable firmware that works for V2 cams? is the only one that “works” (and I say that lightly since there are problems with detection masking system in that build). All we want is a stable firmware that works! Most of these firmwares you have been pushing out either don’t upgrade properly, don’t understand larger wifi passwords, don’t work with cameras with large SD cards in them and end up having to be manually flashed back. There is no way on earth Wyze does not realize that V2 camera owners are in a bind. I am not upgrading to new cameras because you can’t release reliable software for earlier models. Take V2 camera off your racks flash it to, put a large SD card in it and then try to upgrade it. If it upgrades, check that continuous SD recording works, check that your wifi password with 16-32 characters works, check that you can reboot it with software and it still works, unplug and replug it in a few times and then make sure all the features still work and that it boots up. If you want to go the extra mile make sure it still works when the network has a few APs in the house or on a mesh network. Basic functionality is broken. We should not have to tell you guys how to test these things. What on earth is going on over there. Make a commitment to your users. I have been a user of these cams for years and I love the people detection but I hate the way your company works and treats us. The moment there is a low cost cam with people detection and integration with Alexa (people detection) that exists I am gone if this is not fixed.


Can you check and validate if it addresses support ticket 2558402? That has been a long standing issue now.

I do not have access to support tickets so I do not know if it addresses this or not.

I get your frustration, I know this version does not resolve all the bugs as we are still working on some of them.


How about previous promises like WPA3?

When/where was this? Do you have a link I can look at or reference about this? I usually keep up with most of the AMA’s they do, and I don’t recall this. WPA3 would be a nice option. Eventually, most things will have to switch to WPA3 as tech progression continues.

It is a long thread. I have been waiting for Jason to provide an update for a good while now. Since the v2 just came out with another release and I see he is active here, I thought I would provide a gentle reminder. With that said, here is his latest response in the thread I started long ago:

V2 WPA3 was touted as working and released in July of 2021 (July 21, 2021)

  • Improved an issue that caused Cam Plus Events to skip or lose frames
  • Changed the MP4 audio format
  • Reduced the time for receiving push notifications
  • Improved sound detection sensitivity
  • Fixed a bug that caused a loud sound in Playback if sound was already enabled in the live stream
  • Added WPA3 WiFi network support
  • Improved camera stability
  • Security improvements

The release notes have since been modified by Jason without leaving an explanation within the release notes. He will readily admit this if/when asked.


Thanks. Interesting, I totally missed that in the release notes. Interesting.


Short version, support for WPA 3 was said to be released but it never was and users are still waiting for it. I will have to see if I can find out where they are on that as I have not checked in a bit.


Some v2 update results:

Activated Use From FW SD Card Success Flaw
12/2018 (2) Heavy 32G Yes Yes
01/2022 (1) Scant None Yes No

All cams are enrolled in CAM PLUS LITE.

The flaw is in the cam Notifications Menu. The Person option is greyed-out, un-selectable.
Interestingly, the two cams with the flawed menu still send Person Notifications (their setting before updating.)

Functionally, there wouldn’t be an instance where I’d want to be notified of non-Person detections only. So not an issue, I guess, just interesting that one of the cams updated the Nofications menu differently.

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Wyze should give you free cam to test Apps before release.

Yeah. :slight_smile:

Gotta say, so far everything’s operating well on the updated cams. I updated the most accessible two (and a spare.) I think I’ll wait a while to do the rest.

Have you taken the leap?

I have not dare to update because it is -31C for last two days. -41C with wind chill.
Do not feel like to go out on a ladder if the update failed.

I must resist until summer.


Just looked at my old v2s and the Firmware =, Plugin Version = and they have no issues running RTSP. Something screwy since the new firmware is older verson? =

Firmware has created serious issues on multiple cameras randomly stopping continuous recording.

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