Thumbnails of events getting mixed up and events disappearing

On my Events tab yesterday…

An event from 1:07 PM was actually showing a thumbnail from an event that happened at 1:30 PM. When the video was watched, it was the 1:07 PM video.

The 1:30 PM event was not listed at all – no video, no thumbnail. I only know it existed because of the thumbnail glitch, and going back to look in playback.

The videos before and after the glitchy one match up correctly with their thumbnails.

Hopefully that makes sense. I don’t know how else to show/explain it without doing a video screen capture of my phone or something.

So far this glitch has been a one-off thing that I haven’t noticed happen again since. Although you’re unlikely to notice it unless there’s a big difference between the thumbnail and video – In my case, a car pulling out of the driveway vs a person walking their dog.

This was on top of having to reset my camera and modem because there were no events after midnight, seemingly after the latest update. I’m also getting 0.0 kb/s live playback error again which I haven’t seen in a while.

This update was weird because it seemingly updated itself and I just got a “what’s new” notification when I launched the app, instead of asking me to manually update like it usually does. This is a bit weird and concerning on its own. I can’t seem to find any “ask me before updating” box to see if it’s been accidentally checked or not. I would like to delay all future updates as long as possible now, because they constantly seem to break something, introduce weird glitches, or make the camera less reliable.

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It does. :slight_smile:

AFAIK, they haven’t implemented ‘forced updates,’ and there isn’t an ‘ask me before updating’ setting in the software.

I have v2s and, as it happens, I just (manually, incrementally) updated firmware after holding off, gaining way more than I lost:

Which cam and firmware are you currently on?

I get that on iOS when the app is updated either automatically or if I update it my self. Are you sure it wasn’t the recent app update and not a firmware update.?

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Whoops, whiffed it! Good catch, @Antonius. :slight_smile:

With Android, if you don’t want the installed app to update automatically, go to the Play Store and uncheck the box:

I turned my iOS app auto updates off when I got my WYZE cams :rofl: The app store does let me know when new updates are available. Since there is no way to roll back the app on iOS that I know of I usually wait a few days, read the comments of the WYZE forum then update if it’s save. :upside_down_face:

Prudent. image

I feel your pain! I use WyzeCam V1 and V2 as well as CamPan V1 and V2. Don’t know WHAT was in that so-called “Update” from a few months ago, but I’ve NEVER had any issues with ANY of my cameras… until that fateful day! First, I HAVE lost some events. They were simply… not recorded. Second, WyzeCam 1 & 2 would go all “Code 90” for some reason. Third, CamPan 1 & 2 would freeze the minute a subject appeared within the green tracking square from 1-4 seconds… be it a recorded vid or LIVE… and resume, thereby missing what could potentially be VITAL intel from my cameras! Wyze KNOWS about this, as it seems to be affecting MANY users. My question is… WHAT GIVES!!! Is there a FIX?? I am not going to simply “upgrade” all of my cameras is this is the way it’s going to be! I would hate to seek out the services of another company, but I am left with little choice unless we all get some answers! … that is all.

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You’re not one of those malcontents we hear so much about, are ya? :wink:

LOL Nope! Just a “fan” of the services that Wyze has provided me for a while now, and I would like to see this fully continue, that’s all. :slight_smile:

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