Thumbnail Images No Longer Appearing in Event Notifications or on Events Page

Hi. I have Cam Plus Lite and using Android. No changes or updates have been made to my phone or any apps.

As of 6:00 am CST today, my event notifications no longer include a thumbnail image. The events page no longer displays thumbnail images. I have Pan Cam v1 & v2 and Cam v2s and this is happening on all. Closed and reopened Wyze app and also tried a force stop and reopened app - neither corrected this.

If I click on an event I can view the recording, so that part is working. Just no thumbnail image.

I’m monitoring my anxiety ridden senior dog while she’s home alone and it’s faster to take a quick look at the image to make sure all is okay vs. loading the event.

Wondering if this is happening to anyone else.

Ah, the standard support reply of: is your app updated? Is firmware updated on all cams? did you submit a log? shrug - apologies, not sure what else can be done at this time.
What I don’t understand is that when you submit a log, you get a log # and an auto-response that says to contact Support with your log #. Then when you contact support, you’re told that they are unable to access the log #, so why give them the log#?

Update: Thumbnails started appearing for events starting at 11:43 am CST.

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Same here, started about the same time. I’m using iOS. Just noticed my OG cams are showing but not the V2’s or V3’s. UPDATE; My cameras are all back to normal as of early afternoon.

Same here. Something new every week.