Latest version for V2 cam not showing event thumbnails

After May 3rd update the events tab on my V2 no longer brings up latest events (thumbnails). When I select the event tab the message says"no events found" check filters (I did) see if you can record events (I believe I can). Once I go to live view I can then select playback and view previous events there.
However I no longer see any thumbnails on the events tab. I also get no audible notification at any time even though push notifications and sound are turned on in the app as well as my phone. I used to be able to open the app and have a live view now I have to tap the app icon then an old view comes up. Then once I tap the old picture it takes me to live view. For me this has become very annoying not to mention all the marketing products that keep showing up everywhere. My camera is 4 years old and has worked well until recently. Lately is seems like each new app or firmware version have bugs in them. I spend more time trying to correct issues I have no control over than using the product. Some of the techs I have spoken to recently do not seem to be up to speed on the products and they have accents that make it very hard to understand for an old man like me. Current firmware App version 2.50.5(449). Can you please push out some previous version that works until you can get this fixed. I know this is a community bullentin board but hopefully someone at Wyze can see this.