Events no longer show up in the app after Firmware update

Since the last firmware update I can’t view any of the past event videos. And I know there were several there! This morning, the app showed 10 events during the night. I can’t view those either. When I go to “Events” in the app it’s empty. Please help!

Hi @Evans4, Welcome to the Wyze community!

Do you see any event clips when you tap on previous days in the week?


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No I don’t. However, I know the event clips were there prior to the new Firmware installation.

If power cycling the camera and restarting your device doesn’t help, I would recommend reverting back to the previous stable firmware that was working for you.

How to Manually Flash Firmware

I have the same issue on both cam pans.
I get a lot of notifications the red dot by events on the bottom of app and when I go to view them there is nothing there.
Yes this has been going on prior to the latest firmware update.
Yes I have cam plus.
Using 2 Samsung s10e’s and 2 Samsung j7’s and happens on all the phones…
Very disappointing as nothing to send for support.
It was working fine until sometime in middle of December.
So just paying for the notifications but no video.
Glad only using cam for play and relying on them to do much

That is very disappointing to hear. We have two Outdoor cams that we’ve had since 1/05/21. We have two more on order.

Nothing shows for me anymore I can’t even view events although ill get the notification. I open the app and I get this

Just tried this and to no avail.

That is the exact screen that I am getting as well except by the events I get a red dot.
And yes I have checked all previous dates to no avail.
Seems like we are paying for the notification alert only now.
No more video.
Very disappointing