Unable to View Events

Often usually at night we get event notifications. We sometimes open the app and don’t see any events to view. However if we tap the event notification before opening the app we can then view the event. But if we open the event tab we can’t see the events.

I looked at the SD card and they appear to be on the card and can be viewed. However the time stamp on the event file name is incorrect. They always appear to be several hours before the event took place. But the time stamp while viewing the file is correct.

I’ve tried unplugging the unit no luck, I did a soft reset no luck. I finally reinstalled the software just a couple hours ago and will need to wait and see what happens.

Sounds like your app may already have been running when you opened the app and saw no notifications. When the app is already running, you either need to select another date and then come back to this one, or pull down to refresh. Then you should see all new clips.

Those 12-second event videos you find under the Events tab are not related to the SD card at all. They are stored in the cloud.

As far as the date discrepancy, that sounds like a bug. Hopefully Wyze will take note, we’ve heard of other date/time disconnects.

No that’s not what happened.

Here’s how it all went down. My neighbor had a medical emergency last night around 11PM and EMS was called. We received 6 events during that time. This morning around 7 my wife opened her phone then opened the app and said there were no events. I opened the iPad then the app and saw the same thing. Even though I had 6 event notifications on the iPad screen. Then I went to my phone and saw the event notifications. I tapped on one of the events and the app opened and I was able to view the event. Then I went back to the home page and tapped on events and nothing was there. Even the event I had just watched was gone.

I just did a Wyze update yesterday.

Thanks for your response.

Did the update solve the issue? In any case, regardless of the app state, when you go to the Events list and there are events missing, try a pull down refresh to see if they will load. If that doesn’t work, try to kill and restart the app. One of these will almost always resolve the glitch and show the events in my experience.

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Same issue happens to me. The issue happens after I upgraded F/W and App to the latest.

The problem has appeared to have gone away. I’m not sure exactly what fixed it but I’m happy to say everything seems to be working great. And I love the new AI feature!

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