Viewing Events

As of this morning Saturday, January 12th upon viewing an Event it will black the screen for a fraction of a second then resolve and show the Event. It is happening on all 4 of my cameras which have been powered cycled and my phone rebooted. Is this do to a chance implemented last night early this morning? I find it annoying to say the least as it did not do it before today. Thanks, any help is appreciated!

What app and phone OS versions?

I’m not seeing it on iOS 12.1.2, Wyze app 2.0.21.

Also have an issue that started on January 12th. I’m showing no “Events” since that date, but have recordings on my SD card that indicate that the camera is sensing activity. All my settings are correct and I’ve maxed out the action and audio sensitivity settings and still nothing. I’ve booted phone and camera with no luck. I’m using a Samsung S6 with the V2 that are both up to date.

I’ve seen this as well. iOS 12.1.2, iPhone X. Latest Wyze beta version.

This happening on LG6 Verizon VS98820e Wyze app 2.0.26

Yes I did experience too on the latest 2.0 Android app