Video Event not recording

I have a few Wyze V2 cameras. Lately I’ve been getting motion event notifications but when I go to that event it shows a time of 00:00. When I press play you see the waiting icon for a few seconds then back to the empty screen. This happens a lot lately, other cameras as well.

I have checked all the settings to confirm there is no schedule etc. I do have an SD card and it shows lots of room.

A bit frustrating to get these notifications and see nothing. I do see the recordings in Playback. So wonder if it’s something with the SD card; I have unplugged the camera, removed the card, powered camera on and re-inserted card, also restarted the Wyze app. Have not re-installed it yet as I’ve seen suggested.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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I think you are up against a web related issue. Support has some tools that can identify those issues pretty accurately. I would suggest opening a support ticket here.


Appears this is happening with just one new Wyze v2 camera. Latest firmware, for bridge as well

I have checked the settings many times

I have formatted the SD card

I have replaced the SD card

I have restarted the camera several times

Same thing if I get a sound event. Indicates event, press Play, length is set to 00:00

Same for sound. Event indicated but no playback

While watching camera on app I do see the green rectangle follow the target

Deleted, reinstalled camera

After doing the above I noticed that event indicator in the Wyze app comes on to indicate motion and I can play it back! No idea why. Very Intermittent.

There’s no place like


As it is so intermittent I would definitely get Wyze Support involved. They have the tools to help identify what is causing your issue.

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This is happening to me on one of my 8 cameras. I get notified of an event, I can see a screenshot in the thumbnails, but when I press it to play, there’s no video. I’ve unplugged it, restarted it, closed the app and nothing is working. The only thing I haven’t done was delete the device and readd it. That would mean I’d have to drag out a ladder.

Update. I just discovered that I can view the events on my 2012 Samsung tablet, but I can’t view them on my brand new Samsung Note 10. Strange.