No Events Recording

New to Wyze. Cant get any events to record. I enabled everything through the advanced settings and Wyze Services on the Account tab. That didn’t work so I power cycled the cam and app. Nothing.

I got the appropriate micro sd card, formatted it through the app, power cycled the device and app, nothing. I formatted the SD card through my computer, power cycled, nothing.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

SD card playback will show up under “Playback,” not “Events.”

As for your events, are you LITERALLY getting nothing? Or just not with every motion? “Events” refers to videos that have been uploaded to the cloud service. This is limited to 12-second videos, and there’s a cooldown period of 5 minutes.


is the sd card showing in the advanced settings too? showing available memory and all that good stuff?

Yes I was looking under the events section. It tells me to enable person detection and takes me to that tab which it says that it is turned on.

Nothing is showing up.

:+1: I even plug in the SD card and only empty folders are there from the format.

It’s like it’s not detecting motion or sound.

Okay, let’s just try to go through everything. Click “Home.” The camera says “On,” right? If not, turn it on. If it’s on, click on the camera. Then click on the gear in the top right for settings. Click on “Event Recording” and make sure that you’ve got it recording an event when it detects motion. (or sound if you want it to work based on sound too) Make sure you don’t have it on a schedule that’s preventing it from working, too. Mine just says “All day” next to the schedule section.

Is all of that as it should be?


That is why I am stumped

this will seem repetitious ( and I do apologize for that) but could you screen shot your settings pages. there might be something there that one of us notices. there are many things in the app that are very subtle ( especially with the text color and background) and easy to miss. or possible conflicts you might not recognize


I’m pretty tech-savvy and I think I may have a bad unit, I’m just going to replace it. I know there isn’t something little I’m missing.

Thanks for the replies

Don’t be too sure about that. That you are associating “Events” with SD card recording shows you don’t really understand the app UI.

I apologize @kruick, I didn’t mean to imply anything like you weren’t, even from time to time we mavens miss something small, and we have arguably the most time learning the changes in the interfaces with how many people we try to assist and issues we attempt to replicate in trying to help community members or Wyze themselves. there are a fair number of in’s and outs with the app and sometimes you just miss something simple.


I had the same issue. Tried everything. What eventually got them to work was flashing the firmware. Highly recommend trying this!

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