Cannot Record

Not sure if I am even posting in the right place or not but I have had my wyze for about a year and still have not been able to get it to record either continuously or just motion detection. My SD card is empty, I have checked my settings to record motion, and sound and it is schedule for all day. Its very frustrating I have had this for a year and nothing I do seems to work! Help!

Hi @twrhll, welcome to the community!

I assume you have a Wyze Cam v2? If so, have you followed the steps in this guide?

If you’re running into issues at any point in that guide can you tell us where it’s breaking down?

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Yes I have to the T. The only issue I am having going thru that guide is that motion is not recording and continuous is not recording even though all appropriate boxes are checked. Another thing that doesn’t work is the 12 second recording to the cloud. Do I have to sign up for that? The only thing that works is manual recording.

If you tap the gear icon at the top right and tap on “Event Recording”, does the schedule say “All day” and is the “Detects motion” option enabled? If so, from the main app screen can you tap the Events tab at the bottom and see if there are any event video clips?