SD card not recording event recording or continuous recording

I just read one of the support or form from this person asking why can’t the camera record as soon as the event happens as to oppose me having to round the clock record manually through the app. I’m having the same issues. Now I have reseted the cameras and put the format SD card in switch my cloud recording to SD card recording and I put it to the test. when I walk into the room the alarm was sent to my phone but no recording. I can see that the SD card is being used what I can’t not view is my recordings. Which should be in my album.

Hello @r.guach and welcome to the community.

The SD card recordings are found by going into the live view and hitting the view playback button located at the bottom.

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Yes thankYou for your quick response. I found that out last night thank you so much. I press the live button and I have seen all of my recordings. OK another question is I’m getting a lot of motions alerts for anything. I turned down the motion sensitivity to the lowest setting. And I’m still getting a lot of alerts please help when is your next bucks fix for that issue.

That is a harder one to fix as the cameras look at a pixel change as motion, so a change in light or a bug flying by would set it off. I have heard of some people having luck using one of the Sense motion sensors to trigger motion instead of the sensor in the camera.

Hello all,
I recently purchased 1 Wyze pan and 5 Wyze cams. 3 of the Wyze cams will not continuously record to the SD Card. I be through this string and tried every suggestion on the post. Is anyone experiencing the same problem as of 3/20/20?

Although mine is continuously recording, it’s only saved the last 4 days. Months ago, all 3 Wyze cams were recording to the SD cards. Today, I needed to move a camera and noticed there are only recordings until 3/25 - 4 days ago. Nothing before that. And all 3 devices have more than .6 GB with “continuous recording” enabled and “local recording to micro SD card” set to on.

FYI… I did try the 7 day free for the cloud service… but didn’t make sense if I was saving to the SD card… but now it’s not. Please help :wink:

Its very strange. The three cameras that are not working were not purchased at the same time as my other three. Maybe I got a bad batch. Ive tried everything, so frustrating. Yes please help

Fixed yet? Continuous recording isn’t working for me either.