Continuous recording to local storage question

Wyze cam. 16 gig class 10 microsd. Feature appears to not work properly. When selected to continous record to local storage, it does not. When selecting to manually record, it will only record if the app is open and that cam is selected. Closing the app or the live view on that camera the recording stops.

When you have it set to continuous record, where are you looking for the video? It does not show up in the Events tab you need to press the View Playback button or put the SD card in a computer.


And when you press the record button in app that records the live stream or playback at normal speed to your device. That’s why when the app is closed, the recording stops because you are no longer connected to the live stream or playback. SD recording is viewed in the " playback" and your events are in the event tab, the 12 second videos. How do you know the SD recording isn’t working?


The process is thus: if you have continuous recording set the cam records everything to card. If something triggers an event a 12 second clip of the same is sent to the cloud and you see it under the events tab. To see more you then go to playback, go to the time on the event clip and watch it and as much before and after as is relevant. To save this relevant time clip you press record while viewing playback. @Omgitstonyis correct - if you exit the app the recording stops. If you stay in the app when you press stop recording it saves the recorded clip to your device album. It’s then accessible for email or whatever you want to use it for.
This I know because it just finished doing this for an eleven minute segment from my continuous recording of ‘gentleman’ attempting to break into our house last night.
@rbruceporter - you should really consider giving up the suburbs for the downtown life!


The downtown life is to noisy lately. I like various aspects of the downtown life but without my lasers and sharks it’s just to noisy and dangerous.


I’m starting to feel that way. Third time in as many months. No major problems but I don’t like the trend I see.