Micro SD Card & Manual Recording

My question is how to enable WYZE Cam Pan V2 to record at will to mSD card? I have install SanDisk 128GB micro SD card. Card came formatted as exFAT and I formatted in WYZE Cam twice. It records motion without any issues. My cloud alerts still come to me. However when I am viewing the camera livestream and I click on the “Record” icon, it notifies me that recording is in progress. After 10 min. and 5 min., and even 1 min. I stop the recording and try to view it but there is no video to view. Under Advanced Settings for this camera, Local Storage setting, I have “Event Recording” enabled vs continuous recording.

Can anyone make any suggestions? I only want to record continuous events but at times may want to remotely make a continuous recording to the SD card.



Manual recording in live view does not save the video to your SD card , it puts the recording in your album

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Which is on your local device (phone, tablet, whatever).


Thanks HD Rock and Gemniii, the answer was right in front of me but I did not see it.


Are using android for your device? Is it automatically saving manually triggered recordings(as in you click the record button to start & stop recording) both livestream view or playback view to device photos album? Because I remember when I first got Wyze I would click record while viewing playback and, it would automatically save it to an album that it created in my iOS photos called “Wyze”. But at some point it stopped automatically saving them to that album, and it wouldn’t save them anywhere I could find. I’ve tried looking in my files folder(both “iCloud” & “on my iPhone” files), my photos, my photo albums(device & shared albums), and iPhone files/hidden files view through computer usb connection(used software to search through every single folder on iPhone. Used the same format of date and time layout that it used as file name for previous recordings that were saved to the album). Was able to find where previous ones were saved underneath the iPhones files directories. By simply using the name/date format the manual recording automatically puts as file name to search by(example file name from recording taken just barely LocalRecord_20221128_22_10_14)Since the recording I tried to search was the only one made that day it should’ve pulled up just the one file but it never could find it. It could find the ones that were automatically saved into the photos album before that stopped when searched by date those were made. It could also find every single one made before it stopped automatically saving them by just searching ”LocalRecord”. I don’t remember if there was an update, I joined the beta app(through TestFlight), a beta app update, or something else but it stopped automatically saving them there. I’ve tried many things over the last like 6 months to a year such as deleting/reinstalling app, leaving beta program, trying different Apple ID to download app, and a few others. But none of them have fixed my issue. So now if I make a manual recording in the lifestream or playback viewing I have to go into the album section under the camera, and click share then either “save to files or “save video”(“save to files” opens my folder files to select where to save it and or change the file name before saving. “save video” just automatically saves it to my camera roll like it does when you take a picture or screenshot.) Sometimes I have to wait like a minute after stopping manual recording I don’t know if it just takes a while to compile it and start showing up there. If you immediately go into camera then album after stopping recording and it doesn’t show the one you just made especially if it’s a longer recording just wait I’ve always had mine show up sometimes even 10 minutes after stopping recording. So now I have to go into camera and then click either on ”album” or if it doesn’t show album click “more” then ”album” it shows all manually triggered recordings there but it will not longer automatically save them to my photos album for Wyze.