Do not save on my microsd card

I bought 3 Wyze Cam V2 and they work very well with the cloud. Events are registered on the cloud and I can see them in “Events”.
There is a Wyze Can I installed a 32G micro SD card. In Local Storage, I configured the card, formatted it, and set it to “Record events only”.
But when I go to View Playback, I do not see any recordings.
Can you help me?

Can you try to set it to continuous record and see if you get any video saved to the card?

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Also, don’t rely on the green bar to accurately represent video on the timeline. Mine routinely has blank (no green) that contains video (continuous record mode).

Thank you to all of you. I finally found the problem. This is my micro SD card that had a problem. I changed the map and everything works now.