Wyze Cam 3 not recording to SD card

I have the cam V3 with a formatted SD card. The app is set to record events to the SD card. There are no rules or schedules. I get lots of notices of events and can view them from the events tab, but when I use the playback, there are very few events on the SD card. Shouldn’t the cloud events and the SD card be mirrors?

What type of events do you record - sound & motion? Are you a CamPlus subscriber?

If you’re not a CamPlus subscriber and record sound and motion events then you will likely have more events recorded in the events tab. I believe the sd card only records motion and not sound events.

There is a good article from Wyze about sd card and event recording. Here is the link to an article that may help. I hope it’s useful.

Thank you for the reply, but the article has instructions for an older version of the app. I just bought the cam so I had a free trial of the CamPlus. I have been searching in the help, support and community, but nowhere does it say if sound events are recorded to the SD card. It would be nice if there was any customer service at all. No email, no ticket, no chat and limited phone hours sitting on hold forever.

Sort of. Cloud events are for the duration of the event only (motion clears, clip ends, this is camplus) or the first 12 seconds (free cloud). Sd card event recording is the full minute where the event occurs. If there is motion from 4:38:15 to 4:38:35, then 4:38:00 to 4:38:59 will be saved to your card. If the event goes beyond the :59 mark, then the full mlnext minute will be saved. If local storage is set to continuous, then it’s recording to the card at all times regardless of motion or not. You only get notifications from cloud events, not local storage events. Sounds events are only for the cloud.


So today I watched on the livestream as my neighbor pulled into the driveway, got out of the car and walked to close the gate , got back into the car and pulled into the garage. Nothing recorded. Yet I get notifications all day long every time a tree branch sways in the wind. The sensitivity is set right in the middle. There is something seriously wrong with these cameras.

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What is your connection speed on the camera? Is it consistently above 100 kB/s? Or, is it low?

It bounces around mostly between 50 and 100. How does that explain why I get notifications for every leaf blowing around but not for people walking or cars moving?

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Are you a CamPlus subscriber? If you’re not then you may miss certain events/notifications because of the cool down period.

For example, if a leaf blows and your camera captures it then it will not record another motion event for 5 minutes unless the event is different like a sound event. If you have an sd card you can select Playback and see if the camera captured what you intend to see.

Another option is to set a detection area and see if that reduces the number of false events like tree branches. If you have v2 then I believe you can creat a pixel detection area. V3 cameras have the rectangle box which is harder to eliminate trees and other objects.