Split Recording Between Cloud and SD Card?

I have a motion event that recorded the first 12 seconds to the cloud and then continued recording from the 13th second (to the end of the event) to my SD card? This is unacceptable. How do I get the full event recorded to my SD card? I got some additional information from this Q&A that states exactly what happened to me:

Hello! The Wyze Cam V3 will capture one 12-second alert video every five minutes when motion or sound is detected. Using a microSD card with the ‘record on event’ or ‘continuous recording’ feature turned on will allow the camera to record the rest of the footage that the cloud video does not capture.

If this is the way it is supposed to work, I have no use for this camera. I need something that records a full motion event to the SD card and reference markers to locate “events only.”

Thank you.

You can subscribe to cam plus to get full event recording to the cloud, or alternately you can record continuously and see the full event in the playback.

I have continuous recording on, and when I want to save an event, I record that section by selecting record while in SD playback. Works great for me.

Thank you for your response and suggestion; however, I just want to look at event markers and there are none with continuous recording. The problem would be finding the actual event when I have to search up to 72 hours to locate it.

OK, I found an alternative that is cheaper, has 2k resolution, has direct sd card (full video) storage, and also uploads to a free cloud as long as the video is less than 1 gb. I am returning my unboxed WYZE v3 cameras for a refund.

What is the alternative that you found?