Confusion regarding recording to SD and/or the cloud


So I have micro SD cards in my cameras. Set to record events only. Do they get recorded to my micro SD cards, the cloud, or both?

I just worry, if it’s going to the camera only, that someone could just take the cameras and I’m sh*t out of luck, because they’re only being stored there.

What are the benefits of recording events to one vs the other vs both, if both is an option?

I’ve done a little research on this, and I must admit I still find the “answers” confusing, so any clarification on this would be appreciated.


Welcome to the Wyze community!

The full-length event recordings will be saved on the SD card. The camera comes with free 14 day rolling 12-second event recordings with a 5 minute gap between triggers. If you want to have longer clips without a gap you’ll need Cam Plus.

Local recordings(SD card) are saved on the camera and they aren’t being uploaded outside of your home/business.If you are only using a SD card the footage will be gone if the camera is stolen. Cloud recordings are uploaded to cloud servers (AWS for Wyze). If the camera is stolen the footage will be safe because it isn’t on the camera.
I use the free cloud as a backup and the SD card as primary recording.


Thank you very much!


Excellent reply!!