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Can someone help me understand the recording options? I have an SD card that I would like to use to record events only but I would want more than just 12 seconds. Is this possible?

Yes, it can record events to the SD card, it will record a minute long event if there is motion anywhere in that minute, if motion continues it keeps recording, but the 12 second cloud clips will still be recorded, to see the events on the card you have to view playback to see them


You can also switch to Continuous Recording to the SD card, and get days and days of complete 24-hour coverage. Then you would dial up the time of your alert, and watch as much coverage before & after the event as you like.


the 12 second clips are simply a quick glimpse and an alert. you can also use them to see the time something happened so you can view playback on the sd card for the longer recording. the clips will only do 12 seconds and thats not adjustable. the sd card will record as long as there is motion. :slight_smile:


It’s less confusing if you understand that That 12 second clips And the SD recordings are 2 separate things


In addition to the above, this might help clarify…

There are three kinds of recording available in the app:

  1. Cloud motion/sound event: These are enabled in the camera settings (gear icon) > Event Recording. Also make sure that the Detection Zone under Detection Settings is not missing the area of motion. These are played back in the Events tab.
  2. microSD card recording: This is enabled in Advanced Settings > Local Storage and can be set to continuous or event only recording. This is played back by pressing the View Playback button on the live stream. This is completely independent from #1.
  3. Record button on live stream or playback: This saves to your phone’s camera roll or gallery, in real time, whatever is being played in the live stream or view playback. Note that it isn’t available when playing cloud events. It is viewed by tapping More and then the Album button, or by leaving the Wyze app and viewing the Wyze album in your phone’s photos or gallery app. This type of recording ceases when you leave the Wyze app.

Support Site links:

Event Videos
SD Card Recording
Record to Album

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I understand your explanations but I still have a question: Is there any way to set the app up so that I schedule a certain time frame to record onto the SD card and that’s it. I am not interested in recording motion/sound onto the SD card all day. Thanks.

While you can’t schedule recording, you could enable continuous recording and then schedule the camera to turn on and off at certain times using Rules.


I have two rules on my app. Home and Away. When I am home, I turn off the cameras. Nothing is recorded. When I am going away, I turn on all the cameras and they are set for continuous recording. Could do this by time as well but I work at home and my times away aren’t at a specific time.

Great idea about using rules for on/off recording. I just tried that and it works nicely, thanks. One question: is there any way to name the rules? When I look at the rules in the list, it just shows the time, not name or description.

Schedules can’t be named as far as I am aware. I am using using Shortcuts and they can be named.