Help me understand clip recordings

I just got two more cameras for a total of 3. I also have 32gb SD cards for each of them and have the local recording options engaged.
I have a few questions about how event recordings are done that I’m not really clear on.

  1. I notice that “event recordings” are only captured in 12 second increments. However, it looks if I go to the full playback of the camera, since I have an SD card, that I can view the entire event. Is my assessment of this correct? Is this how it’s supposed to function?

  2. I am interested in Wyze’s cloud recording service, as well as local storage…is it possible to have both, or can you only do one or the other?

  3. I have the cameras set to record events only, as opposed to continuous recording. I did this to save SD Card space as well as preserve the life of the SD Cards, even though I’m using High Endurance Samsung cards. Since all the cameras record so many motion events through the day, do I have to manually go through and delete all the clips each day? Or is the system designed to automatically start overwriting older clips once the SD card gets too full?

Thanks for all clarification.

Your answer to number 1 is yes, the event recordings are the cloud recordings. The full playback is the SD card.
This brings us to number 2, yes you can use them both. The recordings in the events tab are the actual recordings uploaded to the cloud, from the event video you can hit the playback icon at the bottom and it will take you to that point on the SD card or from the live view area you can hit the View Playback at the bottom and go to the SD card.
The answer to number 3 is the SD card will delete the oldest videos as it requires new space, the cloud videos will delete after 14 days.


Doesn’t Wyze have a paid option though that records the full clips to the cloud, instead of just the 12 second ones? If I paid for this feature, I can still be recording to the SD card as well as the cloud?

Yes they do, I have attached 2 links here. The first is to the users manual for the cam in case that helps answer any further questions and the second is to the paid option called Complete Motion Capture which is 1.49 per month per cam.