Option for save to SD card

Is there a way to ONLY have the app save Events to the sd card when we want to?
Right now, it saves events videos to the sd card whether I want it or not.

Can Wyze please give us the option to prevent that from happening?
I understand those are the videos that are uploaded to the cloud, but once it’s uploaded, please DO NOT force it to the sd card. It fills up my sd card.

The 12-second cloud stored clips and the SD card storage are separate and independent. They are set up and viewed in different areas of the app.

For the SD card storage, go to the camera settings, then Advanced Settings > Local Storage. That is where you set the SD card to record continuously or event-only (1 minute segments).

To view the SD card recordings, don’t tap the Events tab in the app. That is only for the cloud clips. Instead, tap the View Playback button on the live stream view. How you’ll see a timeline under thevideo frame so you can go back in time. You can also remove the card from the camera and view or download the 1-minute video files on a computer.

Here are some help pages from the Support site:



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To add to that, if you turn off SD card recording, you will still get cloud events if enabled. If you wish to save the cloud events, you can save them to your phone’s local storage or otherwise share them using the share button on the cloud video. You cannot save them to the camera’s SD card since, as described above, they are very different length, etc.

Here’s a #wishlist topic you can vote for to add the ability to turn on/off SD card recording via app shortcuts:

Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top of that page.

I fully understand how The 12-second cloud video works… there is nothing wrong with my sd card. Maybe I did not explain what I meant in a way that was not clear.

I DO NOT want The 12-second cloud videos to be automatically saved to my phone… anywhere on my phone… I do NOT want them At all… I want to be able to save ONLY the 12-second videos I choose… what the app is doing is saving ALL of the 12-second videos to my phone… which I do not want.

If they are required to be saved to my phone in order to be uploaded to the cloud… then have the app delete them once they are uploaded to the cloud… once they are in the cloud, there is no need for them to be on my phone taking up space.

this is an android problem as mentioned in this thread. Whenever you view the video in the app it automatically saves it to your phone.

edit- just noticed you posted in that thead, hopefully @Loki can see it and provide more info or pass it along

I have an iphone 6+.

On an iPhone, the 12 second cloud videos are only cached to your phone when viewed. You can clear the cache in the Account section of the app.

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