Events question

My wyze cam has caught some events for me. Are events saved to the SD card automatically?
I see the events on my phone but there doesn’t seem to be a file like with videos and photos. When I click on the event, it shows me the recording but there doesn’t seem to be away to share that event, download it to my phone, or email it. What am I missing…

If you tap the picture of the event you will see in the upper right of the event picture a icon with a arrow in it. That’s the download icon for the event.

There are two ways that event videos are saved, each way is independent of each other. The 12 second event cloud recordings are accessed by visiting the events tab off the homepage. If you have local recording on and set to events only with the use of a SD card, these are viewed by the playback button when viewing a camera live.

I believe you’re talking about the cloud clips which from the event tab when viewing an event you can share it from there.

If you want to share an event on the SD card you need to manually save it (third way or recording footage) or remove the SD card and then save the file that way.

I believe these support articles will help you out.

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Huge help thank you.

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Your welcome.:slightly_smiling_face: