Recording to phone's gallery/camera roll in the background


I would like to see an option for manual recording when App is not open and save it to Sim Card

Let say i have WEBCAM in my living room and i have a birthday party i want to record it for an hour or 2. the problem is that only way i can do is by going to the app and click on manual recod button and then have the app open while cam is recoding and then stop it and save it to sim. if this can be automated where i push recods in the app and then go back when i am done and click on stop this feature will be great

Thanks in advance

@joeforfun2012… Until this is implemented, are you aware that you can install a microSD card in the camera and record either continuously or only during motion events?

Yes but as soon you close your app screen recording stop

That what I am saying

@joeforfun2012… We’re talking about two different things. You are correct that recording the live stream to the camera’s gallery (by tapping Record on the live stream) only continues while the app is open. However, if you install an SD card in the camera, that recording happens even with the app shut down. You can go back and review it later or extract the actual files from the card on a PC.

Here’s a summary of the three kinds of recording:

  1. Cloud motion/sound event: These are enabled in the camera settings (gear icon) > Event Recording. Also make sure that the Detection Zone under Detection Settings is not missing the area of motion. These are played back in the Events tab.
  2. microSD card recording: This is enabled in Advanced Settings > Local Storage and can be set to continuous or event only recording. This is played back by pressing the View Playback button on the live stream. This is completely independent from #1.
  3. Record button on live stream or playback: This saves to your phone’s camera roll or gallery, in real time, whatever is being played in the live stream or view playback. Note that it isn’t available when playing cloud events. It is viewed by tapping More and then the Album button, or by leaving the Wyze app and viewing the Wyze album in your phone’s photos or gallery app. This type of recording ceases when you leave the Wyze app.

Support Site links:

Event Videos
SD Card Recording
Record to Album


I do everything with micro SD card in advance setup but to be honest I never pulled SD card out to check if anything was recorded so let me check tonight
Options 2 is what I am looking for

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This (your) wishlist topic is for Option 3 to be able to run in the background. Since that’s not yet possible, we’ll leave this wishlist topic in place.

For Option 2, once the recording is on the SD card, you have two ways to save it out of the app:

  1. Tap the View Playback button on the live stream screen. Then use Option 3 to record it. However, this has the same drawback that the app has to remain foreground.

  2. Remove the SD card and retrieve the files. You will find that the video files are in folders by date. Within a date folder are folders by hour. Within each hour folder and 1-minute long mp4 video files.

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On Android, when I am recording live video and I switch to another app or to the desktop, recording stops. It would be beneficial to allow the app to continue recording so that nothing is lost if no SD card is installed and the person needs to call the police for example. This should be possible since screen recording software operates in the background too. Ability to record from more than 1 camera at once would be good too but that’s secondary.

@JoeForFun, very useful distinction between 3 recording modes. Unfortunately the links to the support sites produce “page not found” only 4 1/2 months later. I see a lot of links with Wyze that don’t go anywhere. Sad.

Hi Loki, for Option 1, how do I view the recordings in the cloud, if the playback feature is only for the microSD card recordings? Can the cloud recordings be accessed and downloaded?

The only place the cloud recordings are found is in the ‘Events’ tab found at the bottom of the app. To download them click on the video and a download icon will appear in the upper right of the video.