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Ok, I have two Wyze cams and I operate them with my Samsung cell phone. I want to turn them on to continuous record for about two hours and leave my house. I want to use my cell phone to make calls. then come home and watch the recording of each camera and transfer it to my lap top.
How I can start the cams recording but when I turn off my phone they stop recording. what or how do I get them to record to the microSD (32gb,fat 32) chip while I not watching my phone. Some place I’m missing a step here. Both will be still in the house and powered up and accessible to the WiFi.
Again, my phone is a Samsung Android J3,

If you set your cam to continuous record, it records to the cameras onboard SD card (if you have one installed in the camera). I believe what you are talking about is manual record, where if you are watching a live stream or playback on a device and clicking the “record” button just below the view. That saves the stream to your device.

There are three ways that footage can be recorded from the camera, the continuous/event recording to the cameras SD card, the manual recording from the feed to your device, and the 12 second clips that are saved to the cloud for notification purposes.

In your case, you can have the camera set to continuous record, then if you want to “file dump” what was recorded, you’d need to remove the ad card from the camera and put that into your computer to download all the 1 min files that the camera created.

That help you understand it?

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For the exact settings, if you call up the individual camera that has an SD card installed, you can go into that camera’s settings > Advanced Settings > Local Storage. Turn the SD card to record mode, then select Continuous Recording.

Then to see anything that gets recorded to the SD card, call up that camera’s live feed in portrait mode. At the bottom of the screen you will see a button that says “View Playback”. Touch that, and you will be about 5 minutes back in time viewing the recording on the SD card. You can move the timeline to wherever you like, expanding it with two fingers when you want more time resolution.


Seems I did not ask the right question. I want to turn on my camera to live streaming video and start recording to my microSD 32 gb card and then turn off my cell phone and have is continue to record video and sound onto the chip. Come back in two hours turn on my cell phone to the Wyze app and stop the recording. Here is the problem, I don’t know how to keep the camera recording when I turn off my cell phone which I use to control the camera. It seem everyone else can do this and I am wondering if it works with apple phones but not android phones. If you know how to do this, I need a step by step explanation. My camera is set to microSD card on and set to continuous record.

Thanks, Tod

Your camera and its SD card are independent of the phone. If you do what I said in the first paragraph of #3 above, then your camera will record when your phone is switched off.

So maybe you are recording the live stream? That would stop when you turn off your phone, but that is not the SD card. To access the SD card’s recording you press the ‘playback’ button at the bottom of the live stream page when that page is in portrait mode.

As far as stopping the recording, I don’t know why you’d want to do that, but you can power down the camera, or go back into settings and take out out of continuous record mode.

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I want to record two hours of video and sound without my phone being on. I use the phone to control the camera. I have it on continuous and a micoSD 32 GB card. It records events ok but I want more than 12 sec. recordings. What or how do I do that?


The recordings under the event tab will always be 12 seconds, that cannot be extended.

If you have an SD card in your cam and have it set for continuous recording, click on view playback from the main camera screen and it will bring up what is on the SD card


You phone has nothing to do with continuous/event recording to the caneras onboard SD card. Here are the types of recording with some visual aids staring one of my cats (picture heavy):

  1. Continuous/event recording to SD card. If this is enabled in the advanced menu. You access this by going to your camera from the home screen, and clicking the view playback button at the bottom. You navigate the time using the slider just below the picture. You may also pinch to zoom in to the times. The SD card can also be removed from the camera and the files viewed on your computer.


  2. 12 second event recordings saved to the cloud for notification purposes. This is access from the events button on the bottom of the home screen.

  3. This is where your phone comes into play. Manual recording to your phone. I only use this when I want to quickly save a quick clip from my camera to my phone. When live viewing a camera, in live or playback, click the record button at the bottom. Let it play real-time until the coverage you want saved is over, then click the record button again to stop it. This saves to your phone or device.

I believe you need to follow #1 above to view those two hours you want to review.


Got it, Thanks….Tod

Thank you very much. It would be simpler if they had instructions with the camera……… Tod

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Most electronics these days do not come with a manual , they come with a quick start guide and that’s about it , before or after purchasing a product you need to go online to their support pages to find instructions and support . (The best practice is to do this before purchasing a product)
I don’t like this so much myself , but like it or not that’s the way it is , and it is not going to change


Yep! Doing your homework first also helps make sure you purchase the correct product for it offers and is designed for compared to what you need it for and not buying a product that isn’t designed for something and trying to force into what you think it can or want it to do.


If there is a downloadable manual available it’s best to do that before purchase also

I got excited when I saw the manual for setting up my new washer and dryers wifi when it said “make sure to turn off your cell phone data during install” lol nice!